Theme Review: Ayecon for iPhone


Since the inception of the iPhone, the stock OS has been relatively unchanged in regards to how it looks. But that hasn’t stopped designers, and devs alike from re-creating the look and feel of their own UI and icons. The only problem for the most part, is they actually make the experience more difficult to use. Many themes slap the name of the designer all over it or make the icons way to similar which degrades the experience. For this reason I think Apple has truly done a great job with iOS.

However, Surenix is among the designers who tend to think along with Apple that simple and beautiful is better. He has taken the extra pixels packed into the Retina display iOS devices and truly made the icons pop with detail that is extraordinary.

ayecon is iOS on steroids. Let’s take a look at the difference in detail on some of the iconic apps such as default apps provided by apple. You’ll instantly be able to recognize which app is which just by looking at it, but you’ll also notice the impressive amount of detail put into each app icon, lets focus for example on the iconic app store and safari icons, take a look at the stunning level of detail that is found in these beautiful yet simple icons and you’ll wonder why Apple hasn’t done anything to take advantage of the pixels they added.

To me the best example of this impressive use of pixels is displayed in Settings app. You can just see so much extra detail and it looks like their is actually some depth to the app.


Speaking of the Settings app, if we launch it you will see a slightly more crisp UI. while there isn’t a major change to the UI, even on the iPhone 4S you can tell that the difference and extra quality in Ayecon. Again just look at the icon for General. Even at that small size the icon just looks way better.

Not only is the Settings app much crisper and detailed, but so are all stock apps, from Text messages, to the Calendar, to Safari, the Calculator, Compass etc. In addition, Ayecon brings its own unique icon skinner, so you’ll get the same look and feel for any icon that is downloaded from the app store, there are hundreds of custom icon designs with impeccable detail with constant updates to include more icons.


Not only that but Ayecon has some free add-on themes for popular tweaks such as Live Icons, Weather icons, SbSettings, and Auxo, the detail is impressive and in my opinion Surenix did with ayecon for the design, what peter hajas did for the notification center.


You can check out my video review of this theme below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Ayecon can be purchased in Cydia for just $2.99. If you’re a jailbroken device click on the download link below to purchase and install ayecon from Cydia.

Download links:

➤ ayecon

➤ ayecon for iPad

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  • Damian W

    I Purchased iPad version and it does look beautiful. I dont like to theme iPhone because it tends to slow down on iOS 6. I should have stayed on iOS 5.

  • Alan

    I just love it on my iPhone. Never noticed the lag that @redevil1987:disqus is referring to.

  • Andrew

    I use turquesaSE. And it is flawless on my ip5. And it is a very complete theme. And it looks amazing. I’ve priobably gone through over 100 themes and so far this is the one I’m happiest with. However if you like a look that doesn’t change to much but makes eveything look awesome then u may want to try imatte v5.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks Andrew, we’ll check it out.

    • RandomGamer342

      TurquisaSE just gave me a hash sum mismatch when i tried downloading it and made my mobilesubstrate permanently go into safemode(great.)

      Is there any way to clean my phone(or restore it to 6.1?)

      • iPhoneHacks

        There is no way to restore. Uninstalling it is still causing the issue?

        • RandomGamer342

          I found the issue, imatte is installing weathericon instead of weathericon 6 for some reason, causing the crash

  • Jimothy

    This is a must for my iPhone. People get jealous of how majestic my home screen looks with this theme.

  • D4

    can this be installed on 5.1.1?

    • D4

      Ignore that, ios4, 5 and 6 compatible :)

  • Abel Goddard

    I don’t really understand themes for icons and display. I mean, how many people are really going to see it? I see my own home screen only long enough to get to the app I want to use, and I couldn’t care less what somebody else’s phone home screen looks like.

    It’s like underwear. Serves a function, but get it out of the way to get to the good stuff and who cares what it looks like at that point?