BlackBerry’s CEO Thinks Tablets Won’t be Around After Five Years

thorsten-heinsWhile the entire PC industry is freaking out about tablets eating into their market, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins thinks tablets like the iPad won’t be around fives years from now.

In a recent interview Heins said:

“In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore. Maybe a big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as such. Tablets themselves are not a good business model.”

In a separate interview, Heins spoke about the challenges of the tablet market and what the company learned after the failure of the ill-fated BlackBerry Playbook:

The tablet market is very challenging from a pure hardware perspective, there’s very few companies that can make money on the hardware. So if we want to do that, we need a service value proposition on top of that. [...] we are running with a different concept that makes [the BlackBerry phone] your personal mobile computing power. Only this is your personal mobile computing power. So it’s a slightly different approach to the market.

After dismissing one half of what Apple calls the “Post-PC” era, Heins adds that he sees BlackBerry as the “absolute leader in mobile computing” in the next five years.

We wonder if BlackBerry’s CEO has seen the number of iPads Apple’s selling, and the sheer growth the tablet market is seeing collectively year-over-year. The threat tablets pose to the longterm existence of the PC has got industry bigwigs like Microsoft and Intel worried, and Heins still thinks people would stick with “big screen in your workspace.”

Five years from now, we’ll see who “dies” first — tablets or BlackBerry.

Via: Bloomberg

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  • Pacomacman

    This guy doesn’t have a clue, no wonder Blackberry are a company on the way out! Tablets are here to stay, and the only reason so few companies are able to make money out of the hardware is that Amazon and Google have devalued the market with a flood of cheap and worthless devices that have somewhat tarnished their reputation.

  • moe22

    this guy wont be around after 1 year

  • Alan

    What a joke. He just gave the board a good reason to fire him. While the death of the PC maybe a little far fetched, tablets are here to stay. If a CEO doesn’t get that he doesn’t deserve to lead the company.

  • loganexplosion

    haha! This Mo Rocca looking goofball is talking business models?! haha! WHOOO! that’s a good one.

  • Apel P

    I think it won’t be long until we see blackberry burning into the ground.

  • Andrew

    What an idiot. I’m a service tech and almost every service company I know that used to have guys carry laptops now has them carry tablets. Mostly iPads. This guy needs to get with the program. Tablets are taking over the computing industry. Microsoft realized this and released tablets that run full versions of windows. Apple will most likely head in the same direction. Blackberry has been going down hill since the dawn of the smartphone. And it’s probably too late for them to get back in the market. So Say bye bye to blackberry.

  • JCT

    i agree that the current tablet will disapear and replaced with things like the surface Pro which is a full os tablet were most current tablet run a mobile os but they have to make it cheaper 899 for a surface pro is too much when i can only use ~20gig of space but thats because price on ssd which is dropping and will continue to do so

    • Rounak Jain

      But Heins seems to think that the only *portable* computer you’d need is he phone. The whole appeal of Surface lies around the fact that you can have the full PC on the move.

    • Pacomacman

      I have a Surface Pro but it hardly gets used. I turn it on, scan through the store, see nothing new, then turn it off again. It’s too small for anything serious, and too limited with its Intel GPU and lack of software to be a leisure tablet, I’d rather use my iPad. Being a programmer I bought it originally to develop software, but I’m a C/C++/Objective C programmer, and I really found myself hating C#. Microsoft and Google have really alienated the majority of the professional programming community by creating eco systems that require inferior development kits and languages. No wonder all the best software is written for Apple.

  • Legionofone

    I honestly agree with him, Office jobs will always work with big screens, though desktop computers will be replaced by thin clients. For our personal mobile devices I think we will move to something more like google glasses, something that gives us a HUD instead of a bulky tablet. I had an iPad and I just hated taking it places because it was huge. I might not go as far as to say 5 years but 10 it will only be the poorest among us that use tablets instead of a more integrated device. Unless we have world war 3 then we will use stone tablets…

    • Pacomacman

      Now, ill put money on Google Glass not lasting 5 years, and tablets still being king in the home. Obviously desktop PC/Macs will still be mainstream in businesses, but tablets will replace many laptops.

  • jay

    Didn’t blackberry said that iPhone will not be popular when it came out?

    • Damian W

      I think it was the guy from microsoft.

  • Damian W

    I think the BB ceo has some good point. iPads are mostly successful because they are made by Apple. If there were made by HP they would die as quickly as Touchpad. Touchpad was much better than iPad. It had way more advanced system. But people did not like it and the tablet died. iPad is successful not because it is so great, but because people blindly buying whatever Apple makes. I am one of these people, but I also see a beauty in the z10. I hope blackberry will be as strong as before. z10 proves that BB can be innovative and very well designed.

    • Pacomacman

      Now come on… I have a Touchpad, bought it for £99, and whilst the OS was better than Android at the time it was still way behind iOS. My Touchpad now has Jelly Bean installed, and it works well, but now I have other Android tablets that are so much better. Anyone that has programmed both platforms like myself will always favour the iPad because the OS is superior in so many ways. Take pro music apps for instance, where Apple has companies like Steinberg, Moog, Korg, Yamaha, Autura, IK Multimedia, Propellerheads etc. all producing software leagues ahead of what could be achieved on Android. It’s built on Java for goodness sake!

      • Damian W

        One word for Touchpad that wins it all MULTITASKING. True advanced multitasking. You can keep opened 100 emails at the same time etc.

        While iOS is now more advanced and polished, we have to remember that it took Apple probably around 30 or more updates to get it to this point. WebOS on touchpad received no major updates since it went public. Only small updates to fix little issues. It was a fresh system right out of the box and it was supposed to compete with iPad 1 and then iPad 2 at the time. It blew away iPad 1, but hardware wise was behind iPad 2.

        • Pacomacman

          You forget that the iPad is essentially the Mac OS kernel with a cocoa touch layer on top. Contrary to popular belief the iPad just like the Mac has always had full multitasking, but was optimised for tablets. Some may see this as a disadvantage, but I prefer it to the way Android handles things.

          Oh and the TouchPad had a faster processor than most models of iPad… So it has never been that bad. I dual boot Jelly Bean and it works just fine.

    • Alan

      People blindly buy whatever Apple makes?

      I hope you know that Apple has sold over 100 million iPads. When I see my parents using the iPad, I wonder why it couldnt have been released earlier. It has opened up a whole new segment of users. And the iPad mini is my device of choice when I am at home. If you think tablets like the iPad are not big you are in denial. Time to wake up.

      • Damian W

        While i have been the owner of 2 ipads, and 3 iPhones. I still prefer to type this message on my laptop. iPad is a nice device with a great concept, but in reality they are not very practical for productive work.

        They are good for very simple and basic stuff. When it comes to writing, browsing multiple web pages or creating projects, iPad is a big NO for me. I only use it for tasks that dont involve lots of work such as watching youtube, reading single document, or quick browsing. Any other task i just go to my laptop and save time by doing everything 3 times faster.

        • Alan

          iPad is an awesome consumption device and that’s what I use it for. But many people are using it with a Bluetooth keyboard rather than using laptops.

          I see Apple adding features in iOS that will make it even more compelling to replace laptops with iPads.

      • Luciana

        Agreed. My mother thinks hitting ctrl+alt+del is way too hard and complicated and at the same time says the iPad I gave her last year was the best gift she ever got. Through iPad, she now browses the internet, make purchases online, check her e-mail and play board games. The iPad brought computing to my mother’s life. I doubt tablets will ever disappear.

  • jus-sayin

    what a d1ck, if we look how the laptop has taken over from many desktop PC’s now, by having a docking station. This is probably how tablets will go, they will get much more powerful and have a nice dock at work with a proper keyboard and big screen…story over, desktops will be left for major number crunching laptop…. probably diminish considerably

    • Kraken

      But if you are going to use a dock, why not use a phone instead of a tablet? Same OS and CPU/memory and it fits in your pocket.

      Tablets are really an in-between device. I expect as wireless displays and VR/AR solutions like glass get more prevalent, tablets will eventually disappear.

  • espen reynell

    How cool it would be with a macbook with a “Ipad” as “display”. Have the oputurnity to choose if you need the power of the mbp, or just take the “Ipad display” with you.

  • f5faith

    Mr. CEO you missed out another thing that won’t be around after five years. Your company.

  • guest1022134

    In 5 years, a fruit got disappeared. what is it?

  • Anwrks

    Lol what a moron. I’m off to the warehouse to do live inventory updates on my tablet. Right after I post this on my tablet. Lol.

  • alldaboston21

    is he stupid?!?!?