Rumor: When Apple announces the second gen iPad mini, they’ll unveil a cheaper iPad mini too

When Apple unveiled the iPad mini to the world, everyone’s eyes were wide open and full of delight. But then they said it was going to cost $329, and several people, myself included, winced. We were all expecting the iPad mini to cost, at most, $250, so $329 was a tough pill to swallow.

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it looks like Apple will have something for those of us who want to own an iPad, along with owning a wallet with some money inside. He says Apple might reduce the cost of the iPad by cutting the storage down to 8 GB and removing the camera. That’ll make a $199 to $249 iPad possible. Kuo says we’ll find out about this “cheaper” iPad mini whenever the new iPad mini gets announced.

Can this rumor be right? I’m going to have to say no. Apple prides itself on the iPad’s camera, and removing it just to save some money is frankly a bit absurd. That being said, I do think Kuo is correct with regards to a cheaper iPad mini being unveiled later this year. Whenever Apple announces a new iOS device, they make last year’s model more affordable.

The real question is how cheap will the 2012 iPad mini be in 2013? $249 sounds just right.

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  • James

    Apple is flooding the market this will come back to hunt them

    • PimpDaddyWiteBoy


      and i agree. i mean…. cheaper iPad mini? uh iphone? :|

  • Pacomacman

    Obviously Apple will reduce the price of the existing iPad Mini when the Retina iPad Mini comes out. No mystery there, it’s what they’ve always done. And yet somehow people twist this into a news story?

    • Tom

      Current iPad mini will only come in 16GB WiFi Only and w/ Cellular and start at $229 (WiFi) and $359 (WiFi w/ Cellular). The only real news is if Apple removed the rear facing camera which I don’t see them doing.

  • Goze

    no apple does not compete with price. wheen the mini came out we were all expecting $200 ipads