FlatIcons: A Beautiful And Minimal Theme for the iPhone

FlatIcons Rounded

If you are a fan of minimalism, then FlatIcons is a theme for all jailbroken iOS devices that is sure to make your head turn. FlatIcons isn’t a theme that transforms every aspect of your iPhone’s UI, but visually it’s a stunner.

FlatIcons is pretty much what it sounds like. Flat (two-dimensional), minimal icons that bring a simple, yet stylish look to your iPhone’s home screen.

In addition to the app icons themselves, FlatIcons themes certain elements of the iOS like the Notification Center, Siri, and also offers two themes for Auxo.

FlatIcons Theme

FlatIcons Auxo Dark

Not to mention this absolutely beautiful redesigned Weather app.

FlatIcons Weather

If that weren’t enough FlatIcons comes with two themes. Your classic rounded edges. Or the option to have perfect square icons.

FlatIcons Square Folder

Windows users might be thinking that this looks just like the tiles on the Windows phone, and while there is a resemblance, this is still a completely different concept than the live tile widgets of the Windows Phone.

The screenshots of the theme don’t quite do it justice so here is a video for you to get the full experience.

You can get this theme in Cydia via the macciti repo for just 99 cents. There are definitely themes out there that offer a lot more, but it appears that Steve Garwood, developer of FlatIcons plans to add new features to the theme in the near future.

He gives us a glimpse of FlatIcons theme for SBSettings.


Overall, I love this minimal theme a lot. There are over 500 themed icons, for details on what tweaks are currently themed check out his website here.

Let us know what you think of FlatIcons in the comments below.