New iOS 7 Concept Features Widgets, Quick Reply, Mission Control & More


Apple is widely expected to unveil iOS 7, the next generation mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2013, which is usually help in June.

According to recent rumors, iOS 7 is expected to come with significant UI improvements.

Designer F. Bianco has created a new iOS 7 concept, which showcases features such as Widgets, improved Lock screen, quick reply, quick settings, a new Shelf app to manage files downloaded from Safari and Mission Control.

Lock Screen

Bianco shows how Apple could extend the functionality of the Camera grabber, by allowing users to tap on the Camera grabber button, which would display a tray of icons, tapping on any one of them would allow users to replace the Camera grabber with a shortcut for either the Phone, Clock, Reminders, Notes or the Maps app.

I really like the Camera shortcut on the Lock screen, so instead of replacing the Camera shortcut I prefer the solution proposed by this concept, which displays shortcuts for other apps on the Lock screen when you tap on it.

The concept also shows how swiping on the Clock on the Lock screen could give users quick access to the Settings toggles like Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb.


Quick Reply

He shows how users can quickly reply to a text message from the Lock screen by swiping on the notification or tapping on the Notification badge on the Home screen.



Bianco has an interesting take on widgets. Instead of having them on the Home screen or the Notification Center, he shows how they can be accessed by double tapping on an app, thus giving users quick access to app specific information or controls such as the music playback controls etc. It also shows you how users can quickly install updates for apps via the widget for the App Store app.


Quick Settings

The concept shows how double tapping on the Settings app can give users quick access to the Settings toggles.

I would still prefer solution offered by jailbreak tweaks such as SBSettings and NCSettings that allows users to quickly access the Settings toggles from anywhere in the iOS.


Safari Downloads

The concept also shows how Apple could implement the download feature in mobile Safari with a Newsstand like app called Shelf that allows users to manage files downloaded.


Mission Control

This is similar to other card style app switcher concepts and tweaks that we’ve seen earlier. It displays preview of the app rather than just the icon in the app switcher. If a user has multiple Safari tabs open then it allows the user to switch to a Safari tab directly from the app switcher.

Check out the video of the concept by F. Bianco and let me know what you think in the concepts.

Via: Bianco’s Flickr page, HT:

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  • brettu

    that would be so sick!

  • ayman

    when ?…

  • Typo

    HELD in June

  • Pacomacman

    Designed by amateurs… Apple is so much better than this rubbish! I’m hoping for big things with iOS7.

    • bcsc

      People have been waiting for big things since iOS 4 and still the biggest anyone has gotten is Siri and Maps. 2 quality products. Oh and longer wait times for jailbreaks too. How can Apple add without getting sued for copying?

  • razielpr

    IOS is slowly becoming a ANDROID CLONE!!! Ja, ja, ja.

    • Erick


  • Matt

    None of that will happen.

  • Guest

    I hope the apps a reduced in size as they look child like, being so big and i hope the names underneath are removed for a much cleaner feel.

    Thats a pic of my home screen

  • Michael Edwards

    I hope the apps a reduced in size as they look child like, being so big and i hope the names underneath are removed for a much cleaner feel.

    Thats a pic of my home screen

    • John

      I wouldn’t mind having that, but the problem with that is that it would reduce ease of maneuvering within the operating system, having it and all the other little features makes iOS one of the most, if not the most, user friendly.


    oui c’est pas mal mais il paraît que iOS 7 va être complètement revu et ce serait bien , il commence à se faire vieux

  • Andrew

    This looks horrible come on bad widgets double tapping on an app??? what is wrong with you