New iOS 7 Concept Features Status Bar Toggles, Funky Animations & More [Video]


We’ve seen some interesting iOS 7 concepts so far.

Here’s another iOS 7 concept created by designer Joe Hall, which showcases useful features such as status bar toggles, some impractical ones like access to notifications via a pull down menu from an app icon and lots of funky animations.

He writes:

New iOS 7 Apple iPhone Concept video TV Spot focusing less on new features and more on exploring and infusing animation, emotion, and personality into the new OS and iPhone 5S.

This iPhone 5S iOS 7 video does include new features but is not a wishlist nor intended to address iPhone 5S or iOS7 rumors. It is not a comparison or comment on Android features and has not been informed by other devices. It does not address a flat UI design approach or any other speculations. It is simply intended as an experiment in motion and interaction design.

Check out the video of the iOS 7 concept and let me know what you think.

Apple is widely expected to give a sneak peak of iOS 7 at the WorldWide Developer Conference, which is usually held in June. According to rumors, iOS 7 will come with significant UI improvements and may include a killer app.

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