A Look at What iOS 7 Might Look Like Without Skeuomorphism

ios 7 concept 1With Jony Ive leading the design of iOS for the first time ever, there’s a lot of excitement over iOS 7’s rumored UI makeover. One of the changes that’s likely to be part of release is the shedding of fake leather, linen and other real-world metaphors found in iOS, collectively referred to as skeuomorphism.

A new video made by Rafael Justino shows how iOS might look like without these skeuomorphic elements. Have a look:

There are certain elements in the video that could certainly see some improvement, especially the lack of contrast in some apps, but I liked the revamped Notification Center. The ability to collapse notifications on a per-app basis, a button to clear all notifications, a separate tab for widgets and quick toggles to enable or disable settings are features we’re all looking forward to in iOS 7.

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