iOS 7 is Codenamed ‘Innsbruck’, to Feature a ‘Very, Very Flat’ User Interface

ios 79to5Mac reports that iOS 7 will feature a “fresh look” with a “very, very flat” interface, akin to Microsoft’s Windows Phone. The overhaul is being led by Jony Ive, Apple’s SVP of Industrial Design, who took over the design of iOS 7 from Scott Forstall.

From 9to5Mac’s report:

The new interface is said to be “very, very flat,” according to one source. Another person said that the interface loses all signs of gloss, shine, and skeumorphism seen across current and past versions of iOS. Another source framed the new OS as having a level of “flatness” approaching recent releases of Microsoft’s Windows Phone “Metro” UI.

iOS 7 is codenamed “Innsbruck,” and among other changes, includes an all-new icon set for Apple’s stock iOS apps, newly designed toolbars, tab bars and other iOS UI elements. Game Center’s green-felt design would be thrown out in favor of a more “colorful” look, similar to the WWDC logo.

Another exciting thing Apple’s reportedly working on is the addition of easily ‘glance-able’ information, an area where Android currently excels with tools like Google Now and other third-party widgets. A prototype version let users access “panels” by swiping from either edge of the device, though what information these panels would display isn’t known.

Here are a few screenshots showing some well-known “flat” UIs, giving you an idea of what iOS 7 might look like:


You can also check out a number of iOS concepts that try to guess what iOS 7 could look like:

These changes to iOS 7 sound very exciting, but we also hope that Apple’s changing the functional aspect of the OS as well, allowing apps to communicate with each other, making notifications better and of course improving iCloud.

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  • geekinit

    Cool. Now I’ll be able to design iOS apps that look like they were created in Microsoft Paint lol

  • Apel P

    Wow. Very creative guys! Keep up the good work!

    … In case you didn’t understand the sarcasism. That is ridiculously stupid.

  • DigitalXtreme

    If they actually do this, then my days of being an iPhone supporter are over. What is the use in having well built and stylish phone if the OS is ugly, and looks like the horrible Windows 8 Metro style. I thought they are supposed to make it look better, not go backwards to the days of flat simplistic OS designs. Sad that Apple has lost it’s way, and starting to take a back seat to Android. Before you say anything, I have owned every iPhone that has come out so far. This downgrade in the OS would make Jobs turn over in his grave. Just saying…

    • jimmyz

      Wow did you ever think that people just want a good fast responsive os and that maybe apple is just doing that. Well i guess if that what they want they should just get a wp because it obviously is a much better os. Sorry that they aren’t catering to the fashion conscious.

      • DigitalXtreme

        First you are making the classic assumption that it would be a fast responsive os due to simplistic design, and that is still to be proven as fact. Second, since when has Apple been associated with visually bargain basement products? (Apple products have always been more costly because their customers demand a higher standard in aesthetics). And lastly, window’s phone sales and reviews would contradict the whole better OS assertion. Apple should cater to the same loyal customers that put them where they are. Like another poster said, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. Innovation and upgrades means moving forward including making the visual aspects of the os more spectacular than the predecessor, not less spectacular or flat. I respect your opinion, but also respectfully disagree with your conclusions.

        • jimmyz

          I do respect your opinion but it seems that you are already coming to the conclusion that it will be a total flop, you just might like it. If they copy ms all the way i will say by to Apple because that means they are no better than Samsung. I also own a NL920 which i absolutely love using but the design is its own and i really don’t want tk see anyone copy it.

        • Pacomacman

          I agree with everything you’ve said. I want to see more features and customisation (to a point), not at the expense of visual blandness. The last thing Apple can be accused of is a slow interface, they’ve been showing Android up for years on this front. Game Centers green felt background was completely out of place and should be scrapped, but I still think iOS as it stands is superior to any other OS in terms of visuals. I have bought every iPhone and iPad to date, except the iPhone 5 as I was waiting for a bigger leap, but now I’m getting worried! Microsoft have invented the most bland interface ever for Windows 8. The Metro Desktop is fine, but every Desktop App looks the same, dull and uninspiring.

          • Joe_HTH

            “but I still think iOS as it stands is superior to any other OS in terms of visuals.”

            You would be wrong.

            “Microsoft have invented the most bland interface ever for Windows 8.”

            LOL! Metro is the least bland UI there is. You just have no taste. A wall of icons is the literal definition of bland. There is a picture of iOS and Android in the dictionary under the word bland. There’s a reason Metro has won numerous design awards, and it has nothing to do with bland. Now you can shut up.

    • Joe_HTH

      You are an idiot and have no taste. Metro wipes the damn floor with iOS. That’s why Metro has won numerous design awards. It’s far more elegant, intuitive, and useful than iOS or Android.

      The fact that Google and Apple are ripping it off at every opportunity is proof that it’s better. This would be an upgrade dumbass, not a downgrade. It would also be a complete ripoff.

      • Matt


  • Pacomacman

    The annoying thing about all this is that idiots moaning about iOS getting stale may have forced Apples hand. You shouldnt mess with something thats not broken! This might be the first OS that doesn’t get so many people upgrading. Apple have to be careful after so many mistakes with iOS6.

    • dbDESIGN

      You’re completely wrong.

      iOS user interface is outdated as far as current design trend and style and has been due for a much needed style update for years now. If you aren’t familiar with the current trend go pick up some of the android devices and see how slick those look now. iOS interface looks like a cheap ripoff of a good interface design now. Granted, at the time it was released it was new, fresh and groundbreaking, but Apple has struggled very much to stay with current design trends.

      I look forward to a new fresh, flat design for iOS.

      • Dan

        Not at all. iOS looks really pretty and the flat stule inandroid and windows is because they are unable to reach such quality.

        • Vanilla

          You must be retarded

        • dbDESIGN

          Agreed you must be retarded. So you are trying to tell me that Android and Windows have flat as opposed to skeuomorphic, because their designers are unable to achieve skeuomorphic design? Well that is just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Actually the reason behind Apple switching from their skeuomorphic design theory over to flat design is because of the retina screen.

          Skeuomorphic design was used by apple to produce fake pixel depth by creating shadows, highlights etc to make up for pixels that were not there and make the images appear more rich. Now that retina screens have presented themselves there is no need to replicate that look and the pixels will be better served in a sharp, flat environment. If you know design you know that simple is better, Apple has always claimed to put design first…for the past few years they’ve failed terribly, and now they are going to make that up with a new look. There is a reason why Google and Android are so close to running over Apple.

          I think you’re all crazy to say this is a bad move, and clearly shows you know nothing of what you are so openly hating on.

    • fevD1

      I am willing to let go of my jailbreak in order to get this one baby.

  • Liam Googolplex Merlyn

    Do you guys just constantly rip everything from iDB and CoM?

    • iPhoneHacks

      iDB and CoM breaking news, that’s news to us. In case you didn’t notice, the source of this article was 9to5Mac, so please get your facts right before accusing us.

  • Necter

    I will recommend that Apple makes the whole idea optional in settings: the “flatcons”, classic layout, and a third option if need be . But they shouldn’t force customers to swallow this flat UI. Some ppl might not like it while others might. They should just keep it original or at least optional.

    • Abel Goddard

      Right, because apple is all about giving us options for things…not! Whatever look they do will be hardwired in. Which is why many people jailbreak.

  • Alan

    Wow, can’t wait for the WWDC Keynote. Bring it on Apple!

  • 8lias

    Examining the history of Apple’s logo, the current logo (2007-present) is a bit flatter but not completely flat, lesser gloss than the previous one (2001-2007). I would love to see the ios icons resemble the current logo’s design. I am all for lesser gloss, shine, and skeumorphism.

  • Joe_HTH

    LOL! Apple ripping off Windows Phone. For shame!

  • Dan

    I can only hope this will not suck like windows 8.

  • Coban

    Innsbruck is a big town in Austria :D

  • Danton

    I like iOS as it is, Im afraid of what it is about to come…

  • Mohak

    Flat iOS will be a major flop.