Rumor: Apple To Launch ‘iPhone 5S’, Cheaper iPhone in Multiple Colors in August


It seems to be a day for iPhone rumors. Earlier today, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White claimed that Apple will launch iPhone 5S in 2 or possibly even 3 screen sizes.

We now have folks from Japanese blog Macotakara doing some crystal ball gazing for us.

They’re claiming that iPhone 5S will come in 5 colors including black and white. The report also claims that Apple will unveil iPhone 5S in July, followed by the launch in August.

It seems that a possibility of next iPhone being announced in July and put on the market from July in August is high according to the informed sources who can trust it.

It seems that it will have gossiped if the 5-color lineup of low-priced edition iPhone is carried out until now, but iPhone 5S may be 3 colors added to 2 colors of iPhone 5 1 color somehow. However, the informed sources did not tell about the kind of detailed color.

The report also notes that the rumored low-cost iPhone will also come in multiple colors like iPhone 5S. iPhone 5S is widely speculated to come with a 4-inch display but with improved internals such as a faster processor and improved camera.

The 5th generation iPod touch comes in multiple colors, so the next iPhone in multiple colors doesn’t seem too far fetched.

What do you think about the possibility of the next iPhone coming in multiple colors? Which color iPhone will you buy?

Via: Macotakara

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  • laurie

    i think its a big possibility, we need something new, more choice. I’ve been getting bored of my iPhone, feeling like i need a change, but make different colours and i would get red all the way:-) come on apple, don’t disappoint

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yeah, I think iPod touch 5G was a step in that direction.

  • grem

    how much is cheap though ?

    • iPhoneHacks

      The cheapest iPhone currently is the iPhone 4, which is available for $450 without a contract (factory unlocked).

      The budget iPhone could be priced at $250-$350.

      • grem

        Thanks for the info $250 about £160 isnt to bad but i doubt it will be that cheap here in the uk

        Am i really tight or are these new phone’s like iphone 5,htc,samsung and blackberrys way over priced?

        If id had to buy mine out right there is no way id have parted with that much cash for a phone lol