Jailbreak Tweaks Make it Easier to Enable Facebook Chat Heads And Stickers


Few days back, Facebook released a major update to its iOS app, which included number of new features such as the iconic Chat Heads from Facebook Home for Android.

However, the new features are not available to everyone currently. Facebook has said that it will be rolling out them out to everyone in the next few weeks.

Couple of days back, we showed you how to enable Chat Heads on your iOS device.

If you had trouble enabling the feature and have a jailbroken device then a new jailbreak tweak called FB Chat Heads Enabler have been released on Cydia, which makes it a lot easier to enable it.

The jailbreak tweak is created by PoomSmart, the developer of other camera related tweaks such as Front HDRFlashorama, LLBPano and LLBiPT5.

FB Chat Heads Enabler is available for free in Cydia. You can tap on the download link below to install it from Cydia.

I haven’t been to test it out as Chat Heads has already been enabled on my Facebook account, so let me know how it goes.

PoomSmart has also released a jailbreak tweak called FB Unlimited Chat Heads that removes the Chat Heads count limit, which by default is 4.


Facebook Sticker Enabler is a new jailbreak tweak which as the name suggests enables Stickers, Facebook’s version of Emoji icons.

Download link:

➤ FB Chat Heads Enabler

➤ FB Unlimited Chat Heads

➤ Facebook Sticker Enabler

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