Try Samsung Galaxy S4’s Smart Pause Feature Right on your iPhone


In its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, Samsung has added a bunch of eye-tracking features, one of which is “Smart Pause,” a feature that Pauses a video when you look away from the screen, and resumes when you look back. A free iOS app called LookAway Player brings the same feature to iOS devices.

The app is a simply YouTube player, but the major highlight is obviously its “vision control capabilities,” which not only includes Smart Pause but also a “shush” gesture to mute the video:

LookAway Player is a standard YouTube player that is powered by Cube26’s vision control capabilities. Two features currently included in the Lookaway Player are Lookaway to pause video midstream and “Shush”(finger to lips) to mute/unmute volume.

The app works on iPhone 4S and above, iPad 2 and above, and the developer says iPhone 4 support is coming soon.

Try the app and tell us know what you think about the app. Gimmicky or Useful?

Download link:

LookAway Player – free

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  • Ashton

    I knew Samsung must have copied the technology from somewhere!

    • Upgrayedd

      You really think samsung copied this app that was just released

    • bcsc

      So Samsung copied this app which was just released 5 days ago? Again in case you don’t understand what I’m getting at………Samsung copied the feature that they officially announced over a month ago and have been coding for much longer, from an app released 5 days ago. Yup, seems legit.

      • lanky

        You want to try to learn to read? He said the technology not the app.

        • bcsc

          If you have ever owned a Samsung phone you will know that the suck and are slow as hell with updating software. So you think that Samsung was likely not working on this for over a year? If Samsung is releasing this now, they have definitely been working on it for a long long time. Samsung does nothing in a timely manner, let alone code Touchwiz. Same applies for you RandomGamer.

      • RandomGamer342

        Because Cube26 invented their portfolio technology in less than a month and made their app

        Oh wait, they’ve been existing for a year. Probably not spent anything but the last month working on their tech, obviously

        • bcsc

          This is nothing more than Samsungs ‘Smart Stay’ feature applied to a video player. Smart Stay was introduced a year ago on S3 and definitely dreamed of and worked on before then. So unless you have a better timeline than a year for Cube26 creating this, then you have no arguement.

  • Wyatt

    gimmicky for sure

  • Noneya

    Looks like Apple will be stealing this app in the next iOS release. At least try to steal. once the lawsuit is filed then they will pay. LOL

  • shuooool

    It works perfectly…. iphone is the best….. :P

  • mkimid

    When dark, when back light condition, this function will not work, because of front camera can not detect face with dark image. The commercial application with hardware use an extra IR light and sensor. The face detection + the reflect light thru eye ball are the full function. Anyway, It is very interesting function even it has some limitation in the real world. and, It is a kind of generic technology. Samsung as used in their phone in default.

  • Marc

    How lazy can you get when you can’t even pause a video that’s playing on a phone that you’re already holding with one of your hands?

    • bcsc

      I bet the same was said when the TV remote was created. Who is so lazy that they cant walk 10 feet to turn the knob?