MessageSwiper Brings Gestures To Messages App [Jailbreak Tweak]

MessageSwiper, is a new jailbreak tweak, which as the name suggests allows you switch between conversations in Messages app with swipe gestures.

After installing the jailbreak tweak, you can quickly switch to the next conversation by swiping from left to right or switch back from right to left. You don’t have to go through the hassle of going back to the conversation list by tapping on the Messages button and tapping on the next conversation.

According to the description of the app on Cydia, it should let you to quickly switch to the conversation list with a long swipe to the right, but I couldn’t get it to work.

MessageSwiper also works with biteSMS, a popular jailbreak app. It currently doesn’t support Whatsapp, however, the developer has said that he is working on adding swipe gestures to Whatsapp in the next update.

Please note that to enable the gestures you need to turn on the Custom Swipe Settings toggle in the Settings app (Go to Settings > MessageSwiper > Custom Swipe Settings? On/Off toggle) and respring.


It feels so natural to use gestures that you have to wonder why it took so long for someone to launch a tweak like MessageSwiper. Let’s hope that Apple also adds these gestures to the Messages app in iOS 7.

MessageSwiper is available for free on Cydia. You can click on the download link below to install it from Cydia.

Let us know what you think of MessageSwiper in the comments below.

➤ Download link (link will work only on a jailbroken device)


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