Jailbreak Tweaks To Supercharge Messaging Experience On Your iPhone


messages111312Messaging is one of the most used features of any mobile device, and the iPhone’s no exception. With a wide range of third-party messaging apps, as well as Apple’s own iMessage service, one spends a lot of time typing into chat windows.

While the messaging experience on stock iOS is reasonable, there’s a lot that can be done to supercharge this experience on jailbroken devices. Below, we list some of the best tweaks to enhance messaging on your iOS device.


biteSMS is easily the most popular replacement for Messages app. It boasts of awesome features like Quick Compose, Quick Reply (like the previous tweak), passcode lock, scheduling messages and a lot more. There’s an ad supported version that you can use for free, or you can pay $8.99 to get rid of the ads.


Messages+ enhances the native Messages app. In addition to letting you reply to an incoming SMS or iMessages from anywhere, also lets you compose a new messages using an Activator action. At $7.99 it’s expensive, but comes bundled with IntelliScreenX that costs $9.99.

QuickReply for WhatsApp

If you’re multitasking while chatting, it becomes a pain to tap on the notification, go to the app, type in your reply, and again head back to what you were doing earlier. A series of QuickReply tweaks, let you type in a reply in a popup without forcing you to leave the current app.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular third-party messaging app owing to its cross-platform nature. Quick Reply for WhatsApp will save you a lot of time, letting you reply right from where you are, including the lock screen. This tweak is priced a little on the expensive side at $2.99 per year, but gives you a 7 days trial to let you figure out if it’s worth it.

QuickReply for Viber

This lets you reply to Viber messages from anywhere on iOS. Same price with a 7 days trial.


Copic, short for Contact Pictures, adds contact avatars to Messages.app, WhatsApp, Phone and Contacts. If you’re bothered by the lack of user avatars in Messages.app’s conversation view, you can install this tweak for $1.49.

TypeStatus for messages

TypeStatus is a jailbreak tweak that presents a small indicator in the system-wide status bar when someone’s typing an iMessage to you, so that you don’t have to open Messages.app to check that. It’s available for free on Cydia.


If you use Facebook’s standalone Messenger app on iOS and don’t want your Facebook friends to know if you’ve read their messages, then FBMessengerUnseen is made just for you. It disables read receipts so that you can ignore messages, and not let your friends know about it.


Read receipts in iMessages are a straight-out Yes or No choice, but in many cases, you’d like some of your contacts to see Read receipts but not others. SelectiveReading lets you choose if you want to send read status every time you initiate a conversation with someone new.


Another one of those privacy related tweaks, TypingPrivacy prevents someone from knowing you’re typing a message.


There are a lot of times when you’d want to procrastinate replying to a certain message you received, but then forget about it later on. SMSRemind, is a handy jailbreak tweak that integrates into the stock Messages app and lets you set a reminder for a particular message.

Typing Enhancements

There are a bunch of keyboard replacements on Cydia that aim to make text entry better than what stock iOS offers.



It’s very likely that while chatting with someone, you’re multitasking, and iOS’ app switching mechanism isn’t exactly ideal for switching back and forth between two apps. LastApp is a jailbreak tweak that lets you assign an Activator action for switching to the last opened app, making it a breeze to multitask.

If we’ve missed any of your favorite jailbreak tweaks for messaging then let us know in the comments.

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