ProTube Extension 2.0 Update Makes it a Killer Tweak For YouTube App


Last month, we told you that YourTube is a must-have jailbreak tweak for YouTube app.

It now has some serious competition as Jonas Gessner, developer of ProTube Extension for YouTube (which was called ProTube 2 previously) – a popular tweak for YouTube, has just released version 2.0, which brings a number of new features and improvements.

Here’s what’s new in ProTube Extension for YouTube 2.0:

  • All new design to fit into the look of the YouTube app
  • Added support for the latest version of the YouTube app
  • Added background audio playback for videos
  • The Download Manager is completely redesigned with awesome new features and even better user experience
  • Make playlists for downloaded videos for better management
  • Download can be paused and resumed at any time
  • Even failed downloads can be resumed where they stopped
  • Added a full featured music player for downloaded audio files
  • Added full Bridge integration, never leave the app again when importing songs!
  • Multi selection editing which makes managing videos so much easier
  • Added an option for the default playback quality
  • Added an option to disable autoplay
  • Added an option to select the audio download quality
  • Added 18+ age restriction bypass
  • Added blocked video bypass
  • Added an option to select the Main page (What to Watch or Subscriptions)
  • New Tap & hold on a video in a list to download it (no need to start watching the video and then download it)
  • Overall stability improvements and bug fixes

So how is ProTube Extension for YouTube 2.0 compared to YourTube for iOS 6?

Gessner has definitely upped the ante by releasing 2.0. With the redesigned download manager and features such as the ability to tap and hold on a video in a list to download it, the option to select “What to Watch” or “Subscriptions” as your main page when you launch the YouTube app, ability to make playlists for download videos, pause and resume downloads and a sleek music app for downloaded songs make it the killer tweak for the YouTube app. Some of you may also like the option to disable autoplay.

If you want to import the downloaded videos or songs then you need to buy Bridge ($1.99), which now comes fully integrated with the tweak.

ProTube Extension for YouTube is available on Cydia for $1.99. Tap on the download link below to purchase and install the tweak.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments. Which one do you prefer between ProTube Extension for YouTube and YourTube for iOS 6 and why?

➤ Download link (link will only work on jailbroken iOS devices)

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