SkyDrive 3.0 Finally Approved After Microsoft Complies With Apple’s In-App Subscription Policy

skydriveBack in December, Apple rejected Microsoft’s update to SkyDrive for iOS for letting users buy premium storage plans without going through Apple’s channels, and thus skirting Apple’s 30 percent cut.

It looks like Microsoft has complied with Apple’s In-App Subscription policy, as version 3.0 of SkyDrive for iOS went live on the App Store earlier today. The update brings support for the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini, as well as an updated UI. Here are the release notes:

• Updated to support iPhone 5 and iPad Mini
• Download full resolution photos to your iPhone or iPad
• Improved support for opening SkyDrive files in other iOS apps
• Improved support for uploading files to SkyDrive from other iOS apps
• Updated app icons and visuals
• Other bug fixes


Users who want to upgrade to premium SkyDrive plans need to do so on the web, since Apple’s review guidelines not only prevent unofficial IAP methods but also showing links to webpages that let users sign up for these plans. We noted earlier, that the tiff between the two companies wasn’t just about SkyDrive, but extended to Office on iOS as well. It remains to be seen if Microsoft will use a similar approach with Office for iOS

There are a number of really good cloud storage options these days — SkyDrive, Dropbox,, SugarSync and Google Drive. Tell us which one you use in the comments below.

Download link:

➤ SkyDrive for iOS — Free

Via: The Verge

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