T-Mobile iPhone 5 Now Available For Pre-order


As expected, T-Mobile has started accepting pre-orders for iPhone 5 on its online stores ahead of the launch on April 12th.

T-Mobile had announced plans to finally start offering Apple’s iPhone on its network on March 26th. It was the only carrier among the top four carriers in the U.S. to not offer Apple’s iPhone.

As part of its ‘Uncarrier’ initiative, customers don’t have to signup for a two-year contract when they buy an iPhone 5 from T-Mobile.

Customers can either pay the full price ($579/$679/$779) for the 16GB/32GB/64GB iPhone 5 up front or they can pay $99/$199/$299 up front plus $20 monthly instalments for 24 months. iPhone 5 pre-ordered today will be delivered for the launch on April 12th.

T-Mobile will also be offering iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, but they don’t seem to be available for pre-orders on the website currently. Apple is also yet to update its online store to start accepting pre-orders for T-Mobile’s iPhone 5.

You can check this post to find out everything you need to know about T-Mobile’s iPhone 5.

Do you plan on pre-ordering an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile today? Let me know in the comments.

HT: The Verge

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  • http://www.facebook.com/IsraelFox27 Ury Corona

    I know a million people will specially since my signal is been starting to suck big times

  • Jay

    Already have iPhone 5 on tmobile the Internet is great not on lte yet but I get 5-11 mbps. Nyc

  • Macselite

    Will this work on Verizon LTE if I decide to switch later on?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      No, it will work only on AT&T’s network.

      • macselite

        OK. Thanks. I figured since it was a world phone, it might work on all networks. Guess not.

      • macselite

        What happened to my other comment? So the Verizon iPhone can work on T-Mobile’s network, but T-Mobile’s iPhone can’t work on Verizon’s network. That’s odd.

        • Jay

          Not odd the verizon iPhone is a world phone so it work for every carrier. Only lte doesn’t work on every carrier

  • Arti2l

    Already ordered mine! I’ve been a long time t-mobile customer and had an unlocked iPhone since the first generation