Get Circular Icons with Circles for iPhone Theme [Review]

If you are tired of the squared icons on your iPhone’s Home screen then you should check out themes like Ayecon that completely transform the look and feel of your iPhone’s user interface.

But if you just are looking to freshen up the look and feel of just the icons and are inspired by something a bit more retro, lets say circles, than Circles for iPhone might be just the theme for you.

Circles for iPhone is a simple but gorgeous theme, that replaces the square icons with circular ones with a matt finish as you can see below.

Circles for iPhone

Circles for iPhone has been created by Jackie Tran, one of the more well known themers.

Circles is more of an icon theme than anything, so those of you looking for a full complete theme system might be disappointed. It replaces the icons of the stock iOS apps and some of the popular apps from the App Store such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Camera+ etc with pixel perfect circular icons.

Some of the icons look really good in circles. Icons for Safari, Camera+, the Phone app and biteSMS are some of my favorites as you can see in the screenshot below.

Circles for iPhone 5

The theme is available on Cydia for $1.99 and is available in the macciti repo. You can download Circles for iPhone here.

Let me know what you think of the Circles theme in the comments below.

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  • Alan

    Wow! That looks pretty awesome.

  • p

    no its not impressive,Masks from cydia does it better and did so a long time ago.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks, we’ll check it out.

    • chadster

      Does Masks actually integrate newly created icons, or does it simply cut into the stock icons to create the new “shape”? If it’s the latter, I like what Circles is doing. Somewhere between both apps would seem to lie perfection.

  • Kevin Johansson

    the main problem is that winterboad eats ram faster than i can eat sushi, and that’s fast

  • Eduardo Pimazzoni

    Is it possible to use Circles with Carla theme so only icons get changed but already taking advantage on Carla has done? How it sounds? Does anybody knows?