TouchPal Brings Free Swype-Like Keyboard To iPhone

touchpal-1Though Apple doesn’t let developers create alternatives to the stock keyboard on iOS, of late, we’ve seen developers working around this by creating standalone apps like Fleksy, just for a different keyboard. TouchPal is one such keyboard, which is available for free on the App Store, and, as a bonus for jailbreakers, is also available on Cydia as a system-wide keyboard replacement.

TouchPal brings Swype-like gesture input to the iPhone, letting you type words by swiping over the keys instead of tapping on them individually.

The standalone app on the App Store gives you the Swype keyboard, but restricts the text entry to within the app. It does, however, let you email, message, or copy this text, or even export it to Evernote. The jailbreak version of TouchPal, available on Cydia, appears in the Keyboard section of the Settings app (General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard) like any other stock keyboard, and needs to be enabled from there after installation. From then on, you can use TouchPal’s Swype-entry anywhere on iOS.


You can also use the standard tap based text entry with TouchPal, and the jailbreak tweak even gives you an option to disable Swype entry altogether by tapping the “A” key right next to the Space Bar. The tweak also has a handy prediction bar that pops up words that you’re likely to type, saving you further keystrokes.

Check out TouchPal keyboard in action in iA Writer in the video below:

TouchPal supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. You can download the App free from the App Store, or if you’re jailbroken, install the tweak, again free, by searching for “TouchPal” on Cydia. (If you have SwipeSelection installed, TouchPal won’t work)

Download links:

➤ TouchPal on App Store

TouchPal on Cydia


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  • Ron Swanson

    This works, Thanks!, however you should be aware of these two settings that were not mentioned:
    1) must delete english keyboard and only keep touchpad keyboard. Once in keyboard, you must swipe left/right to get to english keyboard layout
    2) Make sure to download bigBoss Touchpal .058 (not the dialer advanced or whatever)

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks for those tips!

      • Ron Swanson

        i forgot most important tip. in order to see the cydia bigboss app, i had to first install the official app from appstore then goto cydia and the tweak was then found. dont know why i had to install appstore app first ..

        • Rich Cook

          You need the appstore app in order to get the swyping technology and keyboard. The Cydia hack simply makes it more widely available.

  • Roy Swartz

    Does it work with 5 row keyboard??

  • Goze Asikaburu

    have u heard of iswipe 10x better

    • Rounak Jain

      any links? Can’t find it on Cydia.

    • iPhoneHacks

      We have covered it before, when it was called Swype, then iSwype and later iSwipe, but it doesn’t seem to be available in Cydia currently:

      • passerby

        Wasn’t it in a dev’s repo? Ryan Pritchard or something similar.

      • PasserBy

        Oh wait. It’s from wynd the dev who created backboard and dreamboard. That’s one smart cookie.

    • Benjamin Hamilton

      Gotta disagree on this.

      Granted, there is a lot of drawback from the language barrier of this tweak. But as far as speed and ease of use, this blows iSwipe out of the water on functionality. iSwipe is minimalist, but requires so much more accuracy and has way too many non-English words in its dictionary. I spend more time fixing errors than I do swiping. On top of that, no one has updated iSwipe in AGES. With Touchpal, once past the learning curve, I can much more confidently swipe and keep going. Sure, it would be great if someone took this and ran with it to improve it, but I am extremely impressed with how well this Apple approved app has been ported over as the default keyboard.

  • noupickaname

    lol dis is kewl111!!!

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    needs polishing and full translation still, worth a full week test. (too bad am not on my UK job these days to fully test the tweak when out and about in London) marc
    when writing SMS/TEXT messages, keyboard will not hide when swiping down.
    SMS/TXT MESSAGES: keyboard will hide by swiping down when replying to a text. (I e: when composing a new SMS, ‘hide keyboard’ feature is not available. )

  • fastswipe is pretty awesome

    I just got this and must thank you for covering it. it also had a T9 type keyboard, which I have missed since I stopped using my old phone.

    ~after trying this, I realized that it isn’t the best when you are typing out an email address, and yes I am typing each individual letter.


    Hi guys, does anyone know how to set Spanish for the Touchpal jailbreak tweak?
    I mean, it’s available in the App Store app, but I cannot see it listed on the International Keyboard list.


    • Ru1Sous4

      Same problem here :

  • danny

    Nope, doesn’t work for me. It will be helpful if anyone can offer a step by step how-to. I get all Chinese from the Big Boss tweak—- there i’m stuck.

  • Zach Bay

    Looks great. I’ve been wanting a swype keyboard on my iDevices for a while now. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on my iPad mini. The keyboard is just non existent when it’s supposed to pop up.

  • RB

    Does anyone know where I can find a translation for the various settings options? In particular, I’d like to enable the capitalization of the first letter on the line (or following punctuation).

  • moshe


  • ComputerMan

    It’s incompatible with bitesms Quick reply and Quick compose!

  • diputz42

    Had anyone noticed that this tweak has some weird bug when composing messages in the mail app? It happens quite randomly, but sometimes it will spell words without showing suggestions, though most of the time it will. But if it doesn’t show suggestions, if you try to type there next word, it won’t automatically insert a space between words. Or if you try to manually insert a space, it overwrites your entered word with the next word or character you type.

    • diputz42

      This only seems to happen in the mail app. Every other all seems to be fine.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    un-installing TouchPal. Hardly use keyboard on iPhone these days still, a very positive bias. soon enough i’ll find out whether TP got me addicted when need to touch on iPhone keyboard. keep You posted. marc

  • n0m0n

    Does anyone know how to get he voice input to enter the text in English?
    At the moment it puts my voice input in Chinese.
    When I type or slide my finger it is in English but not the voice input.

    Also it looks like there is a dark keyboard version but I cant figure out how to change it from light gray, dark gray.

  • dahauss

    does anyone know how to get the voice dictation to work in ENGLISH? I talk and it writes in chinese