Velox: Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak Will Let You Check Notifications And Lots More on your iPhone’s Home Screen



Velox is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that looks very promising.

The jailbreak tweak allows you to check Notifications right from your Home screen or gives you quick access to an app via an enhanced folder view.

You will be able to swipe up or swipe down on an app icon to get quick access to Notifications so you can quickly check them without opening the Notification center. It also lets you clear notifications by a simple pull down gesture.

It also comes with an interesting enhanced folder view, which gives you quick access to certain features of an app without actually launching the app.

So here are some examples of how this feature will work when you swipe up or down on an app:

  • Settings: Quick access to the Settings toggles.
  • Music: Quick access to music playback controls.
  • Weather: Quick access to the Weather forecast.
  • Mail: Quick access to new email with shortcuts to reply to the message.
  • Camera: It allows you to take a photo right from your iPhone’s Home screen.
  • Cydia: Quickly check what’s new in Cydia.
  • iFile: Browse your iPhone’s file system right on the Home screen.
  • Photos: Shortcuts to tweet, copy or email the latest photo.
  • Twitter: Quick access to your Twitter timeline
  • Phone: Direct access to the Recent list, from where you can call or send a text message to the contact.
  • Messages: Quick access to new messages and shortcut to compose a new message.
  • Notes: Quickly add a new note
  • Safari: Browse websites directly from the folder view.
  • Maps: Opens the Maps app in the enhanced folder view.

You can toggle between the enhanced folder and Notification view via the Settings app.

The developers of Velox will also be releasing APIs for the tweak so developers or Cydia developers can take advantage of the enhanced folders feature to create add-ons for apps.

Check out the tweak in action created by Jeff Benjamin of iDB who got early access to the beta version:

Velox looks quite promising and I can’t wait to check it out when it is released. Velox will be available for $1.99 in  Cydia. There is currently no firm release date for it, but we’ll you let you know when it is available on Cydia.

Let me know what you think of Volex in the comments.

via iDB

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