Yahoo’s iPhone app Updated with News Summaries Using Summly’s Technology

yahoo-iphone-appYahoo has today updated its iPhone app with a bunch of new features, including the ability to generate short summaries of news stories based on natural language processing algorithms. The technology behind the feature came via Yahoo’s recent acquisition of Summly, the iOS app that did pretty much the same thing.

The app features a traditional list view to browse news, and an additional “Visual” mode which shows headlines and summaries overlaid on images in a parallax scroll view. The app lets you customise stories you see by choosing topics of your interest, and tying that data to your account.

Here are the release notes:

– Personalized stories based on your interests
– Beautiful article pages
– Endless visual stream of stories
– Summaries by Yahoo!
– Ability to select topics you want more stories about
– Revamped web search experience

The update comes just days after Yahoo released a gorgeous weather app for the iPhone featuring images from Flickr based on the location, time and weather conditions. It also updated its Flickr app not too long ago with photo filters to better compete with Instagram. The releases are a part of newly hired CEO Marissa Mayer’s increased focus on mobile for Yahoo products.

Yahoo’s iPhone app can be downloaded from the link below, but strangely it doesn’t seem to be available on non-US App Stores.

Download link

Yahoo (Free)

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