Did Apple make fun of iWatch rumors in the latest iPhone ad?


Last night, Apple posted a new iPhone ad titled “Music Every Day” on their YouTube channel, which shows users using their iPhone to listen to music at school, in the shower, at the gym, at a club etc.

Folks at 9to5Mac point out that at around the 30th second in the ad, a man tapping on the table while listening to music on his iPhone, is wearing a watch with a large display.

If you look closely at the device, it looks like a fake watch. We may be reading too much into it, but it looks like someone at Apple decided to make fun of the iWatch rumors that have picked up steam this year.

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  • BMWIIIMPower

    Seems like a stretch, but usually, every finite detail of a commercial is planned and purposeful. That being said, Im still not sure if A. They’re making fun of iWatch rumors, B. They think big watches are “hip” and wanted one of their models to wear one because hip people who wear hip watches have iPhones, or C. We are looking way to far into this… its just a WATCH! Geeeeeeeze.

  • GVS046

    Looks like a Pebble watch to me?!

  • JT Win

    Nixon Newton

  • Necter

    For some reason, these ads r getting more and more gimmicky, trivial and unpersuasive.

  • Kevin Antoine

    That actually is the iWatch.. alpha testing.. we caught you Apple!

  • Nathan

    ever consider it is an ipod nano watch?

  • http://www.yepi6.org/ yepi6

    Oh, I love that video, it means that the music wherever it true.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.kennard Steve Kennard

    Funny if it’s a leaked samsung watch

  • florent


  • Daniel Monroe

    Keep on this story iHacks… been a loyal reader for 3 years now… love your blog.