Apple pulls Bang With Friends from the App Store


bang-with-frendsBang With Friends, a service that let users hookup with their Facebook friends, debuted on iOS earlier this month. However, just 10 days later, Apple has removed the app from the App Store.

The removal was confirmed by CEO Colin Hodge, who told ValleyWag:

Cofounder and CEO Colin Hodge told Valleywag that he’s working with Apple to get the app, which recently crossed the million user mark, back in the iPhone’s warm embrace.


Apple did not immediately responded to questions about why Bang with Friends was banned. “We are waiting to hear more from Apple as to why,” said Hodge.

While it’s not surprising that Bang With Friends was booted out from the App Store, we wonder how the app got an approval in the first place, given the nature of the service. Is Apple rectifying this mistake 10 days later only because the service became popular, or did the app violate an App Store guideline after it was approved? (One reason why the app might now have raised alarms at first was that it was named “BWF” and not “Bang With Friends.”)

Bang With Friends got popular due to their promise of “Your friends will never know you’re interested unless they are too!”  The Android app remains live on the Play Store, and there’s of course a website for the service.

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