New Apple Television concept features Siri integration, intuitive Interface and more

A new Apple TV concept video takes a guess at how the next Apple TV or the much rumored full-blown Apple Television might look like. It takes the existing UI and adds a number of additional features to it, including Siri, Live TV and use iOS devices like iPad mini as a remote.

The live TV component of the concept would obviously mean Apple has to partner with a cable operator, taking the content and overlaying it with their own UI. The concept envisions a fairly simple and intuitive interface for the live TV — users can change channels by swiping horizontally across the iPad screen, see programming information by tapping anywhere on the screen, and of course control everything using Siri.

Here’s the video:

Tell us what you think about the concept in the comments below.

HT: @rv1raj

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  • carlos.ramirez 

    I want two please.

  • Noneya

    Nice. I would however include the option to continue watching (streaming) the program continue playing a game on the remote tablet if I decide to go drop a deuce. I would purchase.

  • Roy

    wow I really impress

  • Ryu

    Whoever made this concept that should be YOUR IDEA dont just give it to Apple

  • BMWIIIMPower

    This is pretty legit! Well done. I hope the Apple TV is not so much of an actual television monitor but more like a set-top box like the current Apple TV. That way it can stay affordable and we all don’t have to get rid of our perfectly good TV’s.

  • Chris jarratt

    Either needs to be setop box or the tv needs to be easliy upgraded dont want to have to replace tv every year for faster specs.