Apple plans to add Galaxy S4 in second patent case against Samsung


Now that Samsung has launched its new flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S4, Apple not surprisingly wants to also add it to the second patent case against the Korean company, reports FOSS Patents.

The report notes that Apple has submitted a statement in response to Judge Koh’s April 24th order to limit the patent claims to five per side and the infringing products to ten per side. The filing reveals that it wants to include Galaxy S4 to the list of infringing products.  

Apple’s current list of 22 infringing products does not include Galaxy S4. The company has said that it will drop one of the products from the list if it gets permission to add the S4.

Apple’s announcement of its plan to include the S4, which “began shipping in late April 2013” according to Apple’s filing, comes at a point in time when the court actually wanted the parties to drop, not add, products from the list. But given the commercial significance of the S4, Apple’s desire is understandable, and the trial is still more than ten months out.

The report also notes that there is disagreement between the two companies on how the products should be grouped. Since Samsung offers a number of versions of the same product line under different names that come with customizations based on the carrier’s specifications, Apple wants to group them under one product. But Samsung wants them to be listed as different products.

It will be interesting to see how the judge responds to Apple’s request to add the S4 as she had actually asked both parties to reduce the number of infringing products rather than adding products to the list.

Currently Apple claims that the following products are infringing on its patents:

  1. Admire
  2. Captivate Glide
  3. Conquer 4G
  4. Dart
  5. Exhibit II 4G
  6. Galaxy Nexus
  7. Galaxy Note
  8. Galaxy Note 10.1
  9. Galaxy Note II
  10. Galaxy Player 4.0
  11. Galaxy Player 5.0
  12. Galaxy Rugby Pro
  13. Galaxy S II
  14. Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch
  15. Galaxy S II Skyrocket
  16. Galaxy S III
  17. Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
  18. Galaxy Tab 8.9
  19. Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
  20. Illusion
  21. Stratosphere
  22. Transform Ultra

While Samsung claims the following Apple products infringe on its patents:

  1. iPhone 3G
  2. iPhone 3GS
  3. iPhone 4
  4. iPhone 4S
  5. iPhone 5
  6. iPad
  7. iPad 2
  8. iPad 3
  9. iPad 4
  10. iPad mini
  11. iPod Touch (5th generation)
  12. iPod Touch (4th generation)
  13. iPod Touch (3rd generation)
  14. MacBook Air
  15. MacBook Pro
  16. iMac
  17. Mac mini
  18. Mac Pro
  19. iTunes (including iTunes Match)
  20. iCloud
  21. Apple TV (3rd generation)
  22. Apple TV (1st generation)

Apple’s second patent trial against Samsung is scheduled for Spring 2014.

Via FOSSPatents