BlackBerry announces plans to release BBM app for iOS later this summer



After years of rumors and speculations, BlackBerry has announced that it will be bringing its popular BBM messaging service to other mobile platforms such as iOS and Android at its annual conference in Orlando, Florida.

BlackBerry is planning to launch the BBM service on iOS and Android later this summer.

The Verge reports that BBM app will support iOS 6 and above and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above.

“It’s time to bring BBM to a greater audience,” CEO Thorsten Heins said in announcing the expansion, “no matter what mobile device they carry.”

Though it’s long been considered one of BlackBerry’s strongest exclusive offerings, Heins said that his company aims to deliver a “fully featured” BBM experience on rival smartphone operating systems. “We’re starting with messaging and groups, but we’ll bring voice, screen share, and of course, channels later on,” he said.

“Why are we doing this now? It’s a statement of confidence,” Heins went on. He said that BlackBerry 10’s prospects are “so strong that we are confident that BBM can become an independent messaging solution.” 

With the launch of BBM app for iOS, BlackBerry will join Google, Microsoft and Nokia in making apps for competing platforms, whereas Apple has adopted an iOS-only policy for its apps.

It remains to be seen if BBM app will be popular on iOS, especially with hugely popular multi-platform messaging apps like Whatsapp.

Via The Verge

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