Gameloft’s Gangstar Rio, N.O.V.A 3 and ZeptoLab’s Pudding Monsters currently free on App Store

Two popular iOS gaming titles by Gameloft, Gangstar Rio and N.O.V.A 3, and Pudding Monsters by ZeptoLab of Cut the Rope fame are currently free on the App Store.

nova 3“N.O.V.A. 3 – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance” is a sci-fi first person shooter game where your goal is to fight for mankind’s survival by fighting enemies on a war-torn Earth. The game is universal, that is, it runs on both the iPhone and the iPad, and was priced at $6.99 earlier. It’s a heavy 1.69GB download and requires iPhone 3GS and up, iPod touch 3rd gen and up or any iPad running iOS 4.3 or later. You can download the game from this link.

gangster“Gangstar Rio: City of Saints” is a third-person shooter game based in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You play the role of a gangster, taking him through 60 varied missions using a variety of weapons and vehicles. The game, priced at $4.99 earlier, is an 878MB download requiring iPhone 3GS and up, iPod touch 3rd gen and up or any iPad running iOS 4.3 or later. You can download the app from this link.

pudding monstersPudding Monsters is a puzzle game by the folks at ZeptoLab best known for their popular title Cut the Rope. The gameplay revolves around sticking together multiple “pudding monsters” to save them from the fridge-owner, where they reside. The game is available as separate versions for the iPhone and iPad, and both those versions have gone free as a part of Apple’s free app of the week promotion. Pudding Monsters, earlier $1.99, can be downloaded for free for the iPhone using this link, and for the iPad using this link.

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  • Alan

    Downloaded, thanks!

  • Helios

    are they turning those games into freemium , or are these just free for a limited time?

    • DEFMAD

      The Gameloft AppStore description says it’s free for this weekend only. It will then go back to being a paid app that offers further in-app purchases.

    • Rounak Jain

      Don’t think any of these games are going free permanently, but all of them do offer IAPs.

    • Helios

      I can’t see why they charge money for those games, while their other equally big titles like Iron Man 3 or Dungeon Hunter 4 are offered as freemium, but i generally hate the idea of IAPs


    I’ve given up on Gameloft games. Notwithstanding the fact that most of their games are blatant ripoff’s of more popular IP’s, their games have decent production values. But Gameloft is way too obsessed with the freemium model. Sadly, that’s the way gaming is going; it’s about making money and not about making great games.