7 Tips on using Google Now on your iPhone and iPad


Want to get the most out of Google Now on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch? Google has posted five tips just for you on their Google+ page.

The tips covers how to add sports or stocks, the possibilities of voice search and more. We’ve also included two bonus tips.

So here are the tips:

Tip #1: Get timely info


Tip #2: Tell Google Now what you love


Tip #3: Start searching with voice


Tip #4: Take a photo, do a search


Tip #5: Add Google Now to your dock


Bonus Tips:

Tip #6: Define Home and Work

If you want to get commute traffic information then you should define your home and work address. As you use Google Now, it will ask you to confirm your home and work address, but if it hasn’t already you can set it by following these simple steps:

  • On the main app Home screen, tap the gear icon  in the top right corner
  • Tap on Google Now
  • And then tap on Traffic
  • Scroll down and edit Home and Work under Locations

Tip #7: Replace Siri with Google Now

If you’ve a jailbroken iOS device then install NowNow. The jailbreak tweak will replace Siri with Google Now. Check this post for more details on how to install and configure it.

Via: Google+, HT: SEORoundTable

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