iOS, Android control more than 90 percent of worldwide smartphone market

IDC has released a new report on global smartphone shipments broken down by operating systems, revealing that iOS and Android collectively account for a staggering 92.3 percent of worldwide smartphones.

Apple’s share, as revealed in IDC’s report last month, stands at 17.3% while Android grew at an extraordinary rate year-over-year to run on 3 out of every 4 smartphones shipped in Q1 2013. Windows Phone for the first time exceeded BlackBerry shipments to become the third most shipped OS.

Here are the numbers:

idc 1q 2013 smartphone os numbers

As we noted earlier, Apple did achieve record iPhone shipments for the first quarter, but its growth paled in comparison to the overall pace of the smartphone market, led largely by Android. The budget iPhone could change the dynamics of the smartphone market, however rumors note that the device would be targeted at the mid-range segment rather than low-end.

Via: IDC

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