iOS, Android control more than 90 percent of worldwide smartphone market

IDC has released a new report on global smartphone shipments broken down by operating systems, revealing that iOS and Android collectively account for a staggering 92.3 percent of worldwide smartphones.

Apple’s share, as revealed in IDC’s report last month, stands at 17.3% while Android grew at an extraordinary rate year-over-year to run on 3 out of every 4 smartphones shipped in Q1 2013. Windows Phone for the first time exceeded BlackBerry shipments to become the third most shipped OS.

Here are the numbers:

idc 1q 2013 smartphone os numbers

As we noted earlier, Apple did achieve record iPhone shipments for the first quarter, but its growth paled in comparison to the overall pace of the smartphone market, led largely by Android. The budget iPhone could change the dynamics of the smartphone market, however rumors note that the device would be targeted at the mid-range segment rather than low-end.

Via: IDC

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  • bcsc

    I’m not too sure that Apple even deserves a token mention in this headline. A shoe sale is worthless unless it is more than 20% and somehow Apple’s meager 17% is worth writing home about. Android and Windows Phone control 78.2%. Adding Apple to Android’s market share is really just making Apple look good, piggybacking on Android’s massive number . Fun fact: the combined population of China and Monaco is 1,354,075,352. Looks great considering that Monaco has only 35,000 people. Apple has lost nearly as much market share in the last year as Blackberry and Windows own combined. That is the more important stat here.

    • John

      I’m surely an apple fan but c’mon ,can’t you see that these guys here r biased? there’s no way they gonna put those kind of stats’s sales down? no f**ing way!!!. on another side samsung galaxy S4 has sold 5million units in just a fortnight making it the fastest selling smartphone ever, this is the kind of news you’ll neva see here. don’t get me wrong folks i’m not an android fan i’m just pointing out we should all get the facts straight that’s all. peace!

      • iPhoneHacks

        Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5 over the opening weekend, that’s in just 3 days. So not sure how Samsung selling 5 million units in a fortnight makes it the fastest selling smartphone ever.

        Also I can’t figure out how this statement was biased:
        As we noted earlier, Apple did achieve record iPhone shipments for the first quarter, but its growth paled in comparison to the overall pace of the smartphone market, led largely by Android.

    • Alan

      Did you even read what you wrote? That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

      • BCSC

        If that is the dumbest thing you have ever heard, you mustn’t hear very intelligent things too frequently.

    • Rounak Jain

      I think you’re looking for this report published last month

    • Pacomacman

      Yeah but Android is an umbrella for many manufacturers. If you compare Apple as a company to other companies or the iPhone against any other model of phone we get a different story. Microsoft again have multiple manufacturers creating Windows phones which just goes to show how well Apple are doing. The important thing is that iPhone shipments are growing. At the same time other manufacturers are jumping on the Android bandwagon. In the US Apple have sold nearly double the number of smartphones than Samsung for instance.

      • BCSC

        Yes, that is absolutely accurate. Apple as a manufacturer has sold the most devices, and most definitely has the largest profit margin. If you consider OS’s though, Apple is going to have to come up with a game changer. Google’s latest number at I/O was 900 million activations. In September they reported 500. 400 million in 7 months is a staggering number. And all my fanboy-ism aside, here’s how I see things. Apple makes a product that works extremely well with their other products. But outside of iDevices Macs and iTunes, Apple doesn’t have too much of a foot in the door. Meanwhile Google makes a product that is rapidly growing to encompass multiple facets of technology, information and entertainment(ie: Driverless cars, Maps, Translate, Street View, Youtube, Glass, and arguably Google pretty well owns the internet). Now if you combine this with the rapid growing market share, it leaves consumers with a product that is feature rich and is all integrated into one device. People love features, as is apparent by Samsung’s gimmicky ideas selling phones. Paco, I know you appreciate that your iPhone, Mac, iPad and such work well together but wait a couple years until Android integrates properly. While in the short term Apple may be selling a couple million more phones and probably a ton more if they release a low cost, but Google has a whole lot more to bring to the table and I personally in-vision this market gap growing until the less productive of these companies becomes irrelevant.

  • samuel

    guys apple just release on website for retina display 128 gb space check it out

    • Rounak Jain

      released what?

  • ItsyAboy

    Look at it like this google’s android is the windows of smartphones and apples iphone/ios is the mac osx and macbook