iOS 7 concept with Google Now like cards on lock screen

We’ve certainly seen a lot of iOS concepts in the past few months trying to imagine how Jony Ive’s “flat design” might influence iOS 7. A new iOS 7 concept video incorporates these flat UI elements along with a Google Now-like lock screen to imagine how iOS 7 might look like.

ios 7 concept lockscreen-1Google Now, if you’re not familiar, presents the “right information” like weather, traffic etc. at the right time in a scrollable list of cards. The concept uses a similar interface for widgets like weather, calendar and directions. These cards can be swiped to the left or right if not needed, again similar to Google Now.

ios 7 concept lockscreen-2

It also borrows the Chat Heads interface pioneered by Facebook to show message alerts, and features a quick reply field to let you reply right from the lock screen instead of going to

Here’s the concept video:

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Via: apfellike

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