iOS 7 concept with Google Now like cards on lock screen

We’ve certainly seen a lot of iOS concepts in the past few months trying to imagine how Jony Ive’s “flat design” might influence iOS 7. A new iOS 7 concept video incorporates these flat UI elements along with a Google Now-like lock screen to imagine how iOS 7 might look like.

ios 7 concept lockscreen-1Google Now, if you’re not familiar, presents the “right information” like weather, traffic etc. at the right time in a scrollable list of cards. The concept uses a similar interface for widgets like weather, calendar and directions. These cards can be swiped to the left or right if not needed, again similar to Google Now.

ios 7 concept lockscreen-2

It also borrows the Chat Heads interface pioneered by Facebook to show message alerts, and features a quick reply field to let you reply right from the lock screen instead of going to

Here’s the concept video:

Tell us what you think of the concept in the comments below.

Via: apfellike

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  • Helios

    most of this are just borrowed ideas, so nothing innovative .

    • Que

      Actually, widgets are one of the reason a lot of people choose Android or IOS. Apple is finally realizing this and catering to that fan base. If you don’t like widgets, then don’t use them. No one is putting a gun to your head.

      • Helios

        Who said about widgets? This is about UI design, not features, so you Android kid can go play somewhere else, this is an Apple blog. Even if Apple decides to implement widgets or whatever it is, it has to be something more innovative with Apple-like design, not just blatant copies. Otherwise what’s the point for putting Jony Ive into charge anyway

        • Que

          It’s a phone, man. It makes calls. I will leave it at that.

          • Andrew

            If that’s all you think phones are good for. Stop wasting people’s time posting on this site. And futher more you really have no reason to be on this site if you truly feel a phone is only for phone calls.

    • what_what_what

      They are very borrowed ideas. The use of “cards” came from Palm’s WebOS technology not Android or Apple.

  • Samantha89

    Its always nice when the Apple people are allowed to have a little bit of the android experience. Of course, instead of dreaming and hoping Apple will let you have this, you could just have it right now by buying any Android phone. Just saying..

    • Imjustsaying

      …or simply jailbreak your current iPhone and have android and iPhone features in one phone :-)