iOS 7 multitasking concept features an Exposé-like interface


The app switcher found in iOS devices is fairly basic, giving you nothing apart from a list of icons of the recently opened apps. A new iOS 7 concept by Ran Avni shows how an Exposé like multitasking interface might look like on the iPhone.

The concept, much like Auxo, features app previews instead of the icons, and lets you close apps individually or all at once. The app previews are shown in a scrollable grid rather than a one-dimensional list, and there’s a search bar at the top for, presumably, Spotlight search.

Here’s the video:

We’ve seen a lot of jailbreak developers and concept designers take a shot at improving the stock multitasking interface. We wonder if Apple will take a hint, like it did for a Notification Center, and revamp the interface in iOS 7.

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