You hear about patent cases all the time, but do they actually bring about any change?

Apple versus Samsung, Microsoft versus Google, Dog versus Cat, these are the fights of our generation, at least that’s what the headlines would have you believing. You’ve probably heard about more court cases and patent feuds than you can shake a stick at, but at the end of the day, do they honestly have any impact?

According to The Wall Street Journal, the answer is no. Motorola wanted several billions of dollars from Microsoft over their use of wireless technology in the XBOX, and the judge said no, they should only get $1.8 million. Motorola (via Google) wanted the iPhone banned in Germany because it used GPRS, but the judge said no, and what’s worse is that the EU called Motorola aggressive for trying to do that in the first place.

The big case that comes to mind is Apple versus Samsung, the one where Samsung was originally ordered to pay Apple over $1 billion. That number got cut in half shortly thereafter, but the story isn’t over yet since there’s going to be another trial taking place in November.

Which brings me to the numbers that matter, how much money are the two biggest smartphone makers taking home? According to AppleInsider, Apple ate up 57% of the mobile phone industry’s profits in Q1 2013. Samsung took the remaining 43%. And everyone else, they simply lost money.

Moral of the story: Saying there’s a fight in the playground sure brings all the kids to the yard, but when all little Timmy gets is a tear in his jeans, people stop paying attention.

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