iTunes loophole lets users download new Daft Punk Album ‘Random Access Memories’ for free

random-access-memoriesApple recently let iTunes users stream Daft Punk’s latest album Random Access Memories for free as a promotion leading to the album launch, scheduled for the 21st of this month.

However folks at 9to5Mac have discovered that a glaring loophole in the way streaming is implemented, allows users download the entire 74-minute album for free.

As it turns out the stream is being delivered by an “m4p” file hosted on Apple’s servers accessible via a public unsecured URL. The URL was found by folks by analysing traffic sent and received while playing the stream on iTunes using a standard network sniffer.

Users can visit the URL on a browser to stream the album, and also right click to save the entire file to their computer.

This is obviously a huge loophole, one that could erode sales of the album once it’s launched. We expect Apple to patch this soon.

Via 9to5Mac

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  • TurdFerguson

    how do i get this?!?!

  • Jerry

    Not working now

  • John

    Discovered this a long time ago. The problem is it’s one huge file that’s protected. You can listen to it but you can’t burn it, rip it, name it, cue it, stop, format it. :)

  • Question

    So, legal question. It was openly available on the Internet. If I download it do I have a legal copy or an illegal copy and if legal, how do I prove it.

    • Deose

      Illegal. Just like any other music online that isn’t supposed to be free, and you take it, it’s illegal.

      Think of this situation like this: If you walk up to a car and it’s unlocked and the keys are in it, it’s still illegal to get in and drive away with it. Yes, they should have better security implemented, but you aren’t allowed to take it.

      This is why people who are talking about this loop hole (such as this website) don’t like the actual link, only instructions on how to go about doing it.

      • BCSC

        The problem with this analogy is that if I steal said car, the original owner no longer has that car. If I download this album, the proprietary owner still has the item. Arguably, this is not stealing as stealing implies the loss of a product, not so much a digital sale.

  • Music man

    Yo! Link??