JellyLock: An excellent lock screen launcher for your iPhone

jellylockAndroid’s looks have significantly improved over its last few versions, bringing it on par with, and in some cases even exceeding, iOS. I’ve really liked the lock screen on stock Android Jelly Bean.

So I was glad to see JellyLock, a new jailbreak tweak that brings the same experience to the iPhone.

The tweak, currently in beta, replaces the “Slide to unlock” bar with a circular unlock icon, which also doubles up as an app launcher. JellyLock also gives you quick access to as many as 6 apps including the Camera app, which as you can see are arranged in a circular fashion around the unlock icon.

The launching mechanism is very similar to that of Atom’s. All you need to do is drag the unlock icon to any of the 6 app shortcuts to launch the respective app.

JellyLock also lets you fire up Siri using an “invisible” button below the circular lock icon. It lets you access Google Now, but that didn’t seem to work when I tried. The tweak has Winterboard support, and comes with a lot of appearance customisation options, though I found its default look pretty good.

There’s another tweak on Cydia by the name of “JellyLockClock” that changes the look of the clock on the lock screen to complement JellyLock. JellyLock is available for free on Cydia. It is currently in beta, so you can expect some bugs, but overall, it’s great. We’ll have a video review up very soon, so stay tuned.

Download links:

➤ JellyLock

➤ JellyLockClock

Also see: Similar lock screen launchers Atom, Axis and Grabby.

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  • Alan

    Nice, loving it!

  • fazeem

    Where do you get that wallpaper?

  • Kimal Ricketts

    This is cool just download it.

  • darren

    how do i get the icons around the circle. i have downloaded it but i only have the unlock and camera icons on it..

    • Amir Mufc

      go into settings and look for jelly lock>shortcuts

      • darren

        I don’t have that option. when I go into jellylock I just have general, circle (I can change colour and pick if I want full circles or semi circles, swap lock and cam icons, opacity..

        • Amir Mufc

          this means you have the older version of jelly lock download the latest version it is 0.8 or something

        • Amir Mufc

          0.0.8-1 is the version i have if you do not have an update showing remove the older one from packages and download the new one

  • anshu

    how to chnge background of lockscreen

  • zach burke

    I cannot find this working for IOS 6 with the setting to add shortcuts to apps on it help?

  • Nathan

    How do I get to the page to download?