Rumor claims next iPhone will feature ‘Retina 2’ display with 489 pixels-per-inch


When Apple launched the iPhone 4 with the gorgeous Retina Display at an incredible 326 pixels-per-inch (ppi) in 2010, it blew away competition.

But that was almost three years back and a lot has changed since then. We’re already seeing devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4Sony Xperia Z that come with 440+ ppi displays and have taken the pixel-density crown from Apple.

Unfortunately, if you’re an Apple fan, there have been no indications till now that the next generation iPhone will come with a better screen.

But SlashGear (via Chinese website WeiPhone) now claims that the new iPhone, unofficially dubbed iPhone 5S, will come with a 4-inch display like the iPhone 5 but will feature a “Retina 2” display with 489 ppi.

SlashGear reports:

It’s said to use a 4-inch panel with 1.5m pixels, up from the roughly 727,000 of the current iPhone 5. A 1704 x 960 display – keeping the aspect ratio the same, for ease of app transition – would fit the bill, though it’s unclear where Apple would source the screen, since panels of that size and (489ppi) resolution aren’t exactly common.

The report also notes that iPhone 5S will come with thinner bezels, which will make the device slightly smaller than iPhone 5.

We would love to see the next iPhone come with a much higher resolution display and up the ante against Android based smartphones, though we’re not sure if we’ll be able to tell the difference with our naked eye. Let us know what you think in the comments.

WeiPhone via SlashGear

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