Piano Passcode lets you unlock your iPhone by playing a tune


If you’re bored of entering the numeric or alphanumeric passcode to unlock your iPhone, then there have been some cool tweaks such as Stride and AndroidLock XT that let you unlock your iPhone with gestures.

There is a new tweak in town, and it’s called Piano Passcode, which as the name suggests allows you to unlock your iPhone only if you play the right tune.

The idea behind the tweak is quite simple. It replaces the iconic slide to unlock slider on your iPhone, with 7 piano-like keys, each of which represent a number starting from 1 to 7 (left to right) and also plays a unique sound.

By default, the tweak comes configured with 1234567 passcode, so you need to tap on all the 7 keys on the lock screen to unlock the iPhone.

If you have passcode lock enabled, then you will see a small x icon at the top right corner of piano keypad, tapping on it will bring up the default passcode lock screen. You need to disable passcode lock to make Piano Passcode the default way to unlock your device.

You can change the passcode for the tweak via the Settings app (Navigate to Piano Passcode > Change piano passcode).


The tweak also comes with a secure mode that offers integration with other security related tweaks such as iCaughtU Pro, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work.


Here’s a brief video walkthrough of the tweak below:

Piano Passcode developed by Jonathan Winger Lang is available on Cydia for $0.99. If you want to change the way you unlock your iPhone then I recommend checking out Stride and AndroidLock XT before buying this one as I found it too gimmicky.

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