pod2g: Apple should release alternate firmware that allows unsigned apps


Earlier in the year, famous iOS hacker pod2g, a member of the evad3rs dev team that has brought us jailbreak tools like evasi0n had called for Apple to open up iOS for tweaks and themes.

pod2g believes that the way Apple has released an iOS SDK, which allows developers to develop apps and release them in the App Store, Apple should extend the SDK to allow developers to develop and submit tweaks and themes, which can be approved by Apple.

Earlier today, he suggested another radical idea to make iOS a more open operating system.  He has proposed that Apple could release another alternative firmware that allows unsigned apps. This he believes will kill jailbreaking.

Popular hacker pod2g has posted his idea for making iOS a more open operating system in a series of tweets.

Hi. An idea for Apple to open iOS more, kill jb and related vuln. research: release an alternate firmware version not requiring signed code.

Advanced / power users would have to download this special version and install it with their own risks.

Best of both worlds. People that want to do adv things with their iPhone would use the special fw version, others would stay with the orig.

And yes, the best argument is: they already allow unsigned apps on OS X. iOS is no different. AppStore exist on both.

It’s wishful thinking to expect Apple to release an alternative firmware file just for jailbreak apps and tweaks. It also won’t solve the piracy problem and in fact could make it worse. It could also allow rivals like Amazon to launch their own App Store for iOS devices like they have for Android. Apple would never let that happen.

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via pod2g

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