TypeStatus 1.1 Update to Bring New Features To “Now Typing” Indicator iMessage Tweak


Back in February, HASHBANG Productions had released a free jailbreak tweak called TypeStatus that added a “Now Typing” indicator for iMessage to the status bar.

They have released a beta version of TypeStatus 1.1, which adds a new feature and number of options to configure the tweak.

The initial version of the tweak added a chat bubble like indicator to the Status bar so you know when someone was typing an iMessage anywhere in the iOS without the need to open the Messages app.

TypeStatus 1.1 takes things to the next level, it not only shows the chat bubble like indicator in the status bar when someone is typing an iMessage, it also tells you who is typing the message by replacing the clock in the status bar with the user’s email address, making the tweak even more useful (they’re prefixed with Typing). It also tells you when someone has read your message (they’re prefixed with Read).


The tweak also offers few options in the Settings app (Settings -> TypeStatus), which allows you to configure it based on your preference.

The Hide Inside Message toggle under General section allows you to disable the typing status indicator when you’re using the Messages app.

You can also disable the chat bubble or the email address from showing up in the status bar by turning off the Status Bar Icon or the Status Bar Overlay toggles under Typing section.

You can also hide the typing indicators after 5 seconds, which is quite neat as you ideally don’t want to see the indicator perpetually on the status bar, especially when someone is typing a long message.

You can also disable the read message indicator by turning off the Status Bar Overlay under Read section.

In the Overlay Animation section, you can configure how you want the typing indicators to appear in the status bar. You can enable or disable slide from top and fading animations for the overlays.


TypeStatus 1.1 is currently still in beta so it is not available in Cydia currently. However, you can add the http://cydia.hbang.ws to the Cydia sources to install it on your jailbroken iPhone.

If you’re a heavy WhatsApp user, then the good news is that developer thekirbylover has revealed that he plans to release TypeStatus for WhatsApp. It will however be available for $0.99.

As always, let me know what you think of the new features in the comments below.

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