Experts say Apple’s new ads stink; they’re right

You know Apple’s new ads? The ones that show happy people using Apple stuff while some guy with a soothing voice tells you about how awesome Apple’s products are? According to Bloomberg, who cites data from Ace Metrix, consumers have rated these new commercials as the worst Apple has produced in the past year.

Edward Boches, who teaches advertising at the University of Boston, says that Appel was “never a company that bragged about itself”, but now they are, and it’s dreadfully annoying. And you know what? We feel like he, Ace Metrix, and everyone else who makes fun of Apple’s ads have a point. Apple used to tell you why the iPhone was the best phone to own, why the iPad was this cool new thing you had to buy, and why Macs are the best computers to use.

But now?

“Hi, we’re Apple. We’re all about design. Look at all these people, they’re so happy to own our products. Look at them. Don’t you want to be like them? Don’t you want to be happy? No? What’s wrong with you? I’m Jony Ive. Look into my eyes and tell me you’re not happy with iOS 7. I’m going to leave California and find you. And I’ll fix you.”

It’s just not fun anymore.

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