AT&T starts activating FaceTime over cellular for unlimited data plan customers [Update: Confirmed]


When Apple introduced FaceTime over cellular feature in iOS 6 last September, AT&T only allowed customers with a Mobile Share plan to use the feature.

Since then it has been slowly expanding access to the feature to other customers.

In November, it expanded FaceTime over cellular access to any customer with an LTE device on a tiered data plan to use the feature.

Then earlier this year, it further expanded access to the feature to all customers on a tiered data plan. This meant that the only customers to be left out was AT&T customers with a grandfathered unlimited data plan.

However, last month, AT&T announced that unlimited data plan customers who have an iPhone 5 or any other LTE device will be able to finally use the feature in June, followed by any customer with the unlimited data plan by the end of the year.

AppleInsider now reports that AT&T has started activating FaceTime over cellular on LTE and HSPA+ devices for customers with grandfathered unlimited data plans.

So far, activation of the service has been verified in parts of New York, Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana, California and Hawaii. Voice and video quality is nearly on a par with the Wi-Fi implementation of the service, suggesting AT&T is not throttling those subscribers who choose to use the feature while on the go. 

It is unknown to which, or how many, locations AT&T has rolled out the service, though the company appears to be targeting large metropolitan areas first.

If you’re an AT&T customer with grandfathered unlimited data plan, then please do let us know if FaceTime over cellular is working in your area.


Several readers with AT&T’s unlimited data plans have confirmed that FaceTime is working over cellular network. Thanks everyone for the confirmation.

Fierce Wireless also reports that they’ve received a confirmation from AT&T spokesperson.

“We’re simply doing what we said we would do, as we outlined in the original statement on this issue,” Siegel said.

via AppleInsider

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  • Terrapintim

    Denver. Noticed it last night for the first time.

  • KingChristian_

    California, Southern cali
    Used at the beginning of the month. Worked great!

  • Robo836

    Just read the article and I enabled the FaceTime over LTE and it is working smoothly!! About time AT&T!!!!

  • iJon

    Flagstaff Az. Been working here on our unlimited data plan with iPhone 5. We have LTE in the area too for appx last 1-2 months.

  • David

    Southern California, been using FaceTime over cellular for over a 1 and half months. I notice they are not throttling my data anymore. Weird…?? I’m at 7 Gbs this month and last month I was at about 7.5 Gbs. I stream lots of music. About time AT&T treat us grandfathered customer with a little respect. I’ve been with them for over 8 years.

    • Steve Nguyen

      Lucky you. I’m still getting throttled I think. I get the warning alerts still when I hit 5gb.

      • Jeff

        I hit the 5gb mark once and got the text from AT&T saying they would start throttling. I made it to 6.5gb that month and was never throttled.

  • Rich

    Been using video chat with Wechat app forever…….

  • Brian

    Wish I had my unlimited back. Had to switch to be able to use features while I was away from the family. Oh well. Bring back unlimited AT&T!!!’

  • Abel Goddard

    I’ve never even made one FaceTime call. I don’t care if they open it or not.

    • iPhoneHacks

      You should check it out. The quality of video calls is awesome and it’s free.

      • Abel Goddard

        It’s not the quality of the video or freeness that made me not use it – other apps have been doing it already. It’s just that I have zero need for it.

        • iPhoneHacks

          Hmm okay

          • Bob Saget

            What he is really saying is. He has no friends. :)

          • Abel Goddard

            When do people even use FaceTime? I don’t get it. It’s like being on a conference call, where everyone around you can hear the entire conversation. Frankly, I don’t want other people to hear MY conversations, and I also don’t want to hear theirs. And people that DO force me to hear their conversations are just rude, kinda like the jerks driving down the road thumping their lame music.

            Lastly, I still don’t think it’s a big deal because I have never even seen a single person using it. It’s really a pretty worthless feature.

          • PJ72

            It’s nice to see my Navy husband when he’s in port somewhere, especially if he’s been gone for awhile. Generally it’s between our house and whatever hotel room he’s in, so nobody else is hearing our conversation. Maybe you don’t have a need for it but trust me, I’m glad it’s an option.

        • Defwish

          Well why did you post anything. This is for people who do care.

          • Abel Goddard

            Because I’m a member of this community and my thoughts matter as much as the next guy.

    • James Cordero

      What a…..

  • James Cordero

    What a…

  • Oscar

    New Jersey, working since 4 weeks ago

  • dlewis711

    Working in Cleveland Tennessee on LTE.

    • cdobbs92

      I am in Cleveland as well and mine has not worked!

  • Mario

    Working in West Palm Beach, FL on LTE and 4G

    • THEVOR

      Could you please explain how you got it to work. And, on what device(s). I can’t get past the AT&T message to call 611. And, they tell me it is not available to unlimited data customers. I too am in WPB, FL. And, have an iPhone 4S. Thanks for your help.

      • Mario

        I have an iPhone 5 and it just started working by itself. My brother has an iPhone 4s and it does NOT work.

  • Holden Caulfield

    Works in Northern Virginia.

  • Rich

    was activated over the weekend, working fine for me in NY/NJ area

  • Sako

    Los Angeles , just read the article and checked .. working fine. Video quality is awesome.

  • Jonathan

    Working in OKC/Tulsa. Restarted my phone this morning and it had the “Carrier Settings Updated” notification on it. Glad to finally have this without the jailbreak.

  • scottnj1966

    works in titusville florida

  • Macsimos

    FaceTime is working in the Tampa Bay Area in FL without wifi.

  • Astig_808

    working on oahu hawaii and never got throttled for a while now.maybe like 6 or 7 months now and i use alot of data

  • Ken

    Working in Chicago , LTE and 4G

  • Jerry

    Working great in Phoenix, AZ and used 25GB this month using FaceTime, Skype, Streaming Audio and Video


    does anyone know if those of us who are grandfathered into att’s unlimited data plan will still be grandfathered when the new iphone comes out this coming week-or so rumor has it iphone 5s or 6 is being announces this Tuesday Sept 10th? I heard they may not be honoring it?

  • Jimmy

    I did it today with ios7 and no shared plan how does this work

  • Hammer10463

    Yeah baby yeah :-)

  • Texas Guy

    In Texas with iPhone 4S with unlimited data, still no cellular FaceTime

  • Craig Allison

    Colville wa too!!! 68 miles north of Spokane WA. Really neat thank you.

  • Jessie

    Iphone 5S, Texas, grandfathered unlimited data plan. Facetime is working over cellular