New 3D renderings of Apple’s cheaper iPhone

Earlier this week, we shared with you design schematics of the cheaper iPhone based on what case makers have heard from their sources. Today, Apple Insider has posted 3D renders of the device based on these schematics, giving us a good idea of how the cheaper iPhone might look like.

The main characteristics of the cheaper iPhone, in case you’ve not been reading rumors lately:

  • Almost the same dimensions as the iPhone 5, just that the body is less than a millimetre wider and taller. The screen size will be the same at 4 inches
  • The device will be 0.8mm thicker than the iPhone 5S
  • It’ll have curved edges, just like the iPod touch
  • The volume buttons will be pill shaped, and not circular like the iPhone 5
  • The body will likely be made of plastic, and might resemble the iPhone 3GS

Here are the renders:

cheaper iphone render 2 cheaper iphone render 1

Tell us what you think of the renders in the comments below.

[via Apple Insider]