Download new iOS 7 Wallpapers for your iPhone 5

iOS 7 allows you to set dynamic and panoramic wallpapers. However, it also comes with couple of new static wallpapers.

You can download them to get a feel of iOS 7 on your iPhone 5 running iOS 6.x.

Visit this page on your iPhone 5, tap on hold on the images below or tap on the download link to save the image, launch the Settings app and navigate to Brightness and Wallpaper to set it as the wallpaper on the home screen or lock screen or both.

We’ll update the post with the iOS 7 wallpapers for other iOS devices as soon as possible.


Download link


Download link

Via iClarified

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  • toker

    Do they have one with a rainbow that says “IM GAY” in big bold letters?

    • Artur Kohut

      Are you really wish this?

  • Rocky Carr

    “You can download them to get a feel of iOS 7 on your iPhone 5 running iOS 6.x.”

    Ummm…you can download them to ANY device.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Go ahead and set them on your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and let me know how it goes.

      • Rocky Carr

        I just set the “outer space” one as my wallpaper on my iPhone 3GS and it looks great!

        Just scale the wallpaper to fit the screen. You’ll lose some of the top of the image, but since it’s all a bunch of stars anyway…

        • iPhoneHacks

          Agreed, we’ll post the actual ones shortly.

        • Rocky Carr

          I can do the same thing with the other one as well. Oh no! I’ve lost some of the blue! Darn.

          • iPhoneHacks

            That was the reason we said only for iPhone 5.

  • Clayton

    I have iOS 7

  • Dimitri

    Are the dynamic wallpapers only for iPhone 5?

  • Bill Blackden

    my current wallpaper photo is now to bif for the screen after the ios7 update. I try to move and scale the pic but it is still too big now Anyone else have this issue? If so how can it be resolved

    • Acme1970

      I have the same problem, The photo i use is in my Camera Roll and it’s normal size but when i try to use it for the wallpaper it tries to fill the whole screen and looks ridiculous, when i resize it it won’t let me set it and gets bigger again, I’ve used this particular wallpaper for 10 years on all my phones and now i can’t use it, And BTW i hate OS 7, I wish i could go back in time and stop myself from updating it