Make your voice do the typing with Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 [Deals Hub]

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Now that Dictation is part of the latest Mac OS, you can do a lot more with voice-to-text. But you can’t exactly execute commands. At least not without an app that can take dictation to a whole other level.

This iPhone Hacks Deals sale offers the top voice recognition software out on the market – and for 50% off the regular price…just $99.9!

Tell your computer to open your email app and then write an email. Need to draft up an email for work or write a paper for school? Don’t bother typing it because Dragon Dictate will help you get it done in lightning speed. Just read your text aloud and watch the magic appear before your eyes right on your computer screen.

Here are just some of the features of Dragon Dictate for Mac 3:

  • Ignite Productivity with Fast, Accurate Dictation: Say words and watch them appear on your computer screen — three times faster than typing — with up to 99% recognition accuracy right out of the box. Correcting or revising your dictated text is simple with a new, more powerful correction interface that lets you quickly edit words or phrases.
  • Ignite Convenience Using Your Favorite Mac Applications: Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 goes beyond simple speech-to-text, and gives you control in more applications so that you can simply speak to do more than ever before. You can use it with virtually any Mac application, including Microsoft Word and Excel, TextEdit, Notepad, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and even Want to post to Facebook or Twitter by voice? You can do that.
  • Ignite Proficiency and Ease of Use Right Out of the Box: Thanks to the new interactive tutorial’s simulations, you can learn and practice good dictation, correction and editing habits so that you can create text efficiently within just a few minutes.
  • Ignite Freedom and Comfort at Your Mac: Say goodbye to repetitive stress injuries. Use your Mac in a comfortable, ergonomic way without being tied to your keyboard and mouse. Open applications or folders, select menu items, click or move the mouse, press keys, switch from one application to another or create custom voice commands to execute multiple steps by voice. Use your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (4th gen) or your compatible Android device as a wireless microphone over Wi-Fi for optimal convenience. Wideband Bluetooth support delivers outstanding wireless performance with no training required.
  • Ignite Mobility for Productivity On the Go: Dictate into a Nuance-approved digital voice recorder or use the free Dragon Recorder app to capture high-quality audio files using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (4th gen). Dragon Dictate will transcribe the recorded audio files when you connect to your Mac. These mobile recording capabilities enable you to capture thoughts from anywhere, at any time while they’re still fresh in your mind to produce detailed, high-quality reports, papers, proposals, meeting minutes, and more.

The digital version of Dragon Dictate allows you to use your Mac’s built-in mic or an external mic to help you deliver demands to your Mac. (Please note: This is the US/Canada version of the app. To purchase it in any of the other languages offered, go to the Deals Hub and select your language of choice in the right hand column. )

With Dragon Dictate you can use your voice to create and edit text or interact with your favorite Mac applications. You can even use a digital voice recorder and Dragon will transcribe your dictation when you are back at your Mac.

You’ll get all of this with this great iPhone Hacks Deals offer for just $99.99! Head over to the Deals Hub now and take dictation on the Mac to new heights today!

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