Famous iOS Hacker pod2g disappointed with iOS 7 features, says he is about to switch to Android


pod2g, a key member of the Evad3rs dev team who released evasi0n, the software that allowed users to jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on iOS 6 to iOS 6.1.2 has just expressed his disappointment with iOS 7 features and has said that he is about to switch to Android.

Few minutes back he tweeted:

He was also quite disappointed with the iPhone 5. We really hope he doesn’t switch to Android as it would be a big blow to the jailbreak community.

What do you think about iOS 7? Do you agree with pod2g? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Hadoi

    Its true what he said,i do agree with him…going to switch to android my self after testing Ios 7,i know its beta 1 but really theres nothing new but colored apps

  • cordell

    They could of did alot more they need to change these kid color stuff tho a tad its annoyn

    • Matt

      Wow – what an amazing review? Are you an undercover reporter?!

  • zury1001@stcloudstate.edu

    i love ios7. while i think the graphical interface is a little funny looking, i love the features that are present in it. itunes radio, the improved notification center, the new app switcher, the pull-up control center. i love what apple has done, but i still see some room for improvement such as widgets and more user customization

    • Sebastian Rasch

      The design and the icons above all are partially really bad but iOS 7 itself is actually quite amazing. I hope the fix the icons and the design glitches until the final release. It could become a really good version of iOS.

  • Dave

    I have to disagree with his comments.

  • 7abib0

    Crap! People just hate changes.

  • CrashMatrix

    WHAAA! Ok thanks for the review Pod!

  • Huey

    BUTTHURT ALERT! Firstly, it’s beta. What part of beta does he not understand? Secondly, iOS 7 is actually quite revolutionary in its ways. Thirdly, Android is a living hellhole for developers, because of the software version variation. Majority of Android users are using Gingerbread which came out like years ago. And Android is very susceptible to malware. Yes, any type of software is prone to malware depending on certain circumstances, but is Android approved by the Pentagon for internal usage? LOL NO.

    • fredaroony

      How is it “revolutionary” exactly??

      • moe22

        the new features that other stock ios’s didn’t have? are you just asking because your too lazy to google or what?

        • fredaroony

          It’s you’re, not your….It’s not revolutionary then, it’s evolutionary. There is nothing in iOS7 that others phones, or OS’s, have already had for a long time.

  • drumrobot

    He’s been spending a ton of time hacking iOS. Why? Because he’s been “disappointed” with iOS for years. So what exactly has changed with iOS 7? How is it somehow worse than every other version of iOS (and iPhone OS)?

    • Ex Apple fanboy

      Maybe Samsung pays him to say that, or he realized that apple always sux!!!

      • Sebastian Rasch

        Apple does not always suck. They just have a bemused view of what an ecosystem should be.

    • bcsc

      I think the problem is that he has finally drawn a line. You can only wait with baited breath for so long before you just give up. How much effort are you willing to put into something that resists you. How many countless hours has he put into finding a jailbreak so that users can do things that come native on Android. He’s just tired of banging his head against the wall.

    • Jazyfox Billyard

      It’s because iOS 7 is not what he wanted to see out of it if you would look back where pod2g was wanting an open iOS meaning we would have more freedom to do more without having to put tons of hours to jailbreak every new iOS I was hoping that apple would of done the same because when you just have a plain iPhone you can’t get free apps and 2 why pay for an app that is dumb and a wast of my money no one like that kind of crap as I mean in more freedom it means iOS without limits that what pod2g was hoping to see

  • Helios

    I bet when iOS 7 comes out officially he will definitely put his hand on it, he just only pretends so

    • Sebastian Rasch

      That’s what I thought. I think he can’t resist to at least try. ;)

  • DJ

    People are expecting too much that’s why they are frustrated with the changes and at the end most of the people don’t care about features they just flaunt with their huge phones.

    • james

      that’s why many iphone users are switching to android cause of the lack of features on the iphone apple is playing catch up

  • f5faith

    It’ll be a shame to see him go. But there will always be someone else to take up the mantle. I love iOS 7, yes the colour scheme and the UI is a bit childish and pastel-ly but in terms of use it’s a huge improvement.
    I think he’s just been in the jailbreak community for too long and seen what potential the iOS has, but what he forgot is Apple has to answer for all the people who aren’t computer literate and needs simple features. I’ve seen a lot of people laughing at iPhone for its lack of features and jumping to Android only to find themselves confused by the UI or just not using the “extra” features. And then jump ship back to iPhones because it’s easier to use.
    So I understand where he’s going but I have to disagree.

  • iRiteshG

    I am an Apple Fan but I really feel surprised sometimes. What took Apple so long to implement simple things like control centre. I feel bad when someone tell me that they are playing catchup. We may satisfy our ego by saying that on Apple the feature is much refined/beautiful than Android but the fact is they had this basic feature much before us ( not considering jailbreak). I feel they should think on different lines and get faster in implementation. May be a 2 day battery life, offline Siri or something radically differen will keep these awesome mods on Apple bandwagon.

    • f5faith

      Apple started the race and now they’re stumbling = ( We can only hope that one day they roll back into action with whatever iPhone 5S or 6 is going to be~

  • james

    Well I have tested the iOS 7 and it’s nothing special about it . This was apple chance to reinvent there OS and it failed it seems like they tried to take a bite out of android but fail to do that too. I recently picked up a Galaxy S4 and I love how open and endless android OS is . I rooted and put a custom rom on it and it runs great no restrictions and tons of marketplace and development apps . Tim Cook needs to step down and let someone ideas actually run the company .

    • f5faith

      Apple’s never really been a open platform though. It wouldn’t surprise me if down the line OS X gets locked down too because of stronger enforcement on the App Store. I do understand what you mean though, a lot of people enjoy the restrictionless environment android gives, but I just don’t think Apple is that kind of company. Which is a shame but there are still enough people in the world who don’t know enough about computers to find iPhones amazing.
      I guess give Apple more time to rethink? But I doubt it’ll ever happen.

      • Matt

        No virus. No fragmentation and originality are always so far ahead of the competition.

        • bcsc

          Apple does have viruses. Namely one that will change the Alpine password on jailbroken iDevices. Install Siri on an iPhone 4 or when iOS7 is released use Airdrop on a 4S and then mention no fragmentation. Oh and quit taking things like toggles and notification center if you want to claim originality too.

          • being.educated.is.bliss.

            Apple doesn’t have viruses. Apple builds in the security measures like a way to get round the passcode lock. No fragmentation. I feel for you if you’re unable to understand simplicity. I think Apple can quite easily justify the toggles in the control centre as it was the one who brought us the smartphone after all.. You know, the thing that ALL of the other companies made bad copies of :)

          • uggggggggh

            The ignorance you are parading with is very alaming..
            Apple devices, while based on Unix, CAN get viruses.
            They did not invent the smartphone.
            Just… no.

          • dorian

            no but they brought smartphone to the masses, and made it appealing to everyone, not just those mad techy types, htc were doing smartphones long before apple, even nokia, but apple brought simplicity and practicality to a much needed technology. “think apple”. Think eco system” [app stores, massive revenue system, think itunes, think organization and integration]. The perfect pyramid system.

            Although i am not a fan of any of the types, be it apple or android or blackberry, but credit where credit is due

        • Kraken

          It depends on your definition of “virus”. There are plenty of apps in the app store that will steal all of your personal info and send it back to the app’s developer.

        • Franklin Richards

          Every time I buy an Apple product I am relieved to know that I can go to ANY Apple store in the world and I’d get first class support. No other company can offer anything close to such support. That’s my reason for loving Apple so much~

      • Sebastian Rasch

        I actually think Apple is open up a bit since Steve Jobs is not around anymore. I hope that’ll become more.

    • Drusenija

      “I rooted and put a custom rom on it”. If that’s your criteria as to why Apple has “failed” with iOS 7 you’re using the wrong yardstick. iOS is not pitched at people who have the technical nouse to root and reflash their devices. Just because some can and do doesn’t mean Apple is failing by not pandering to them.

    • Abel Goddard

      “I love how open and endless android OS is . I rooted and put a custom rom on it” Huh? If its open and endless, why root it? Rooting is essentially jailbreaking, don’t be confused. Android is not open.

      • james

        Androids are not hard to root at all and Android allows apps that require root on the play store . Unlike Apple who tries everything in it’s power to block jailbreaking… and how long did it take for iphone 5 to get jailbroken and how quick did Apple fix it before they even fix the passcode bypass glitch? In the end Android is more open and less restricted the iOS and it’s one of the reasons why iphone users are jumping to android

        • Abel Goddard

          The ease of it is not the issue. An easy lock to pick is still a lock until it is picked.

  • Matt

    I’m sure Apple will mourn his move lol

    • Overlord

      Well people who like to moderate their phones will…

      • Matt


  • NK

    The beta version is not good.
    Too many lags
    Too may crashes
    The message screen mess up
    The message format never remains the same if copied from other message

    Skype crashes

    Google Plus crashes
    Battery issues, I need to recharge twice in a day.

    iColud already configured 3 times give an error message that seems like a variable or a method displayed in alert.

    But in the end it is a beta developer version, I hope there will be improvement in final release of IOS7.

    Honestly the theme is not good, I was like WHO’S IDEA WAS THAT!!!?
    It is not appealing, all the elegance and beauty is removed in IOS7.

    Roll back the UI and introduce more feature, Changing User interface is not a feature.

    • T Bone

      Charging twice in one day is a bit much.

  • Bob Saget

    Jailbreaking will soon be a thing of the past. There are only a handful of jailbreakers that are actually leading the “revolution”. Sooner or later, Apple or some other company will offer them all a nice fat six figure salary to come work for them. Just like the government does with “hackers”. If they can’t beat them, snatch them up for themselves.

    • Sebastian Rasch

      Wrong, there will always be hacker. And the next generation will be even younger.

  • TallPandaMan

    He can go whine and be angry elsewhere… Because lately, that’s all he has done. He is being outdone by apple and can no longer defeat the evil empire and is making a big deal to overshadow his defeat. He hasn’t done much recently anyways so would we really be losing that much? If he is just going to continue to complain and whine, I’d feather him be gone and deal with the Android mess he is about to get himself into. If he doesn’t like the basics and design of the iPhone, what’s the sense in him having one anyways?

  • Leo

    First pod2g looks borderline pedofile….. Second… I could care less what he thinks of the new UI…. 3rd…. If he wants to go to an android… Than go mofo…

    • unvaluablespace

      That “borderline pedofile” (it’s “pedophile”, by the way) played a major role in iOS 6 jailbreak for iDevices. If it weren’t for people like him, with the know-how to hack/modify/etc firmwares (on secure locked down devices such as iOS, most people would not even have jailbreak by now. Second, I highly doubt his opinion was directed toward you. It was just that, an opinion. While I agree with you disagreeing with him, to call him a pedophile? Show a bit more respect. I assume for a user on a website called “iphone hacks”, you probably have a jailbroken idevice. I assume even more so that you probably even have iOS 6 jailbroken on said device.

      Please, may we see a picture of you so that we can pass judgement upon you, as well? The majority of the jailbreak community is sadly all about “ME, ME, ME!” with a severe lack of respect and appreciation towards these types of hackers who take out their time, and devote their skill to give such a nice privilege (that is the ability to use and enjoy jailbreak) to those of us who lack it. Whenever a new jailbreak comes out for a new iDevice that I purchase, I promptly donate to give where credit is due. That’s not to say anyone has too, but simply out of respect, and appreciation, it should be emphasized upon. “Never do something your good at for free”, yet these devs, hackers, etc, give us the opportunity to jailbreak for free. We should be thankful, not call a person a “pedophile” simply because of their looks. :-|

  • moe22

    LOL hes gonna go to android and realize the phone is made from paydoh

    • fredaroony

      What’s paydoh?

  • Leftnut

    He is thinking of switching to android because they can’t jail break ios 7.

    • Matt

      Haha – so true.

    • Sebastian Rasch

      I hope he actually tried at least! ;)

  • B Swizzle

    You guys are some fake little girls…. So what he wants to switch to Android, let him. When he helped create the latest Jailbreak he was the greatest thing since slice bread, now that he wants to move on to something different you want to treat him like garbage. Being a programmer myself I can respect what he does, there’s 01 types of people, if you don’t understand that then you are dumb…..

    • JP

      There’s 10 of people….. ;)

      • Sebastian Rasch


  • Leftnut

    Is all I hear is people complain about crap! It’s not this its not that really! Who cares if you can call somebody surf the web check email and txt what more do you really need? I want the openness of android? To do what surf the web! Really F**K off people are so shallow in today’s world they jump ship and complain about a different ios even when it is free! What the F**K is wrong with you people. Give me reliable system and I don’t care who made it as long as it works!

  • Matt

    Everyone is a critic it seems. To those people who are against apple; this site is called iPhone Hacks

  • City023

    We need Nextel back! Chirp chirp!..yo, where you at? Chirp

  • Mms

    Who gives a f?!!! Switch ur ass over he ain’t the only person that knows how to jailbreak

    • Sebastian Rasch

      Well, the more, the merrier. It took quite a long time last time and they can use every man.

  • Necter

    I am certain pod2g sees the blue print of the ios 7 and sees no innovations. As a developer, it’s just part of d skills to notice these sort of things and react. I concur with pod2g. It’s a change definitely from ios 6, but from a more tech standpoint, it’s prolly a piss in a tea mug.

  • Mike

    Hopefully the final versionwill have all ‘the bells and whistles’ we’re hoping for.

  • Mike

    Ppl are only bashing pod2g because another iOS hacker is gone either apple pays them or they get fed up with apple super strict restrictions and bs . While yall are bashing pod2g you gotta realize its yall lost who knows if there will be another iOS hacker . I don’t blame pod2g for swtiching to android since it has less restrictions I can root my phone samsung galaxy note 2 and install custom roms in less then 15 mins .

  • izhan97

    Who cares about a hacker?Hacking is a crime and I would be really happy if he get out of the apple family!
    Jailbreakers should burn in HELL because they discourage developers to develop their app in the app store!Without any money…how do developers going the develop their apps?!The conclusion is…I would really happy if he and other hackers would STOP JAILBREAKING!I am a developer…And you hackers are messing with my MONEY!!!!!$@&#%*+^#

  • belphegor

    i think he tired of waiting 1 year for nothing. but he should understand something, Apple is going to take the jailbreak down by using all their featuring! So if you get all the jailbreak tweaks inside an IOS why jail-breaking your iPhone again?

  • kb71

    pretty sure android pays him to say that…. let him move to android and he’ll know what he gave up….

  • Sebastian Rasch

    There are a lot of nice additions like Control Center. So it’s not just a design overhaul.

  • Jose

    Android has ugly icons, confuse menues, bugs even the latest versions, In Samsung phone area , failures are higher, cheap look, ugly desing.

  • moro5554

    By Lee ios 7 better than 6.1.4 except in the case of a software update back from 6.1.4 to 6.1.2 for iPhone 5

    I agree pod2g if you do frames work restore to 6.1.4 impossible latest to ios 7 Vhoh of the Android-like screen there is a problem in the Actual and the reason I have moved demoapp.app / demoapp var / mobile system applications and re-named demoapp.ipa.app after opening the fileetc after completion Aljelbrak you are about to uncover new loophole but Dahrt me an apple and Try it in every way but to no avail

  • Maria Young

    I purchased the iPhone 5 the 3rd week out and after week 1 returned it, very dissapointed. I have been an IOS user from day 1, but the whole construction and screen of the iPhone 5 is old looking. I expected a bigger screen, it was longer and actually thinner in width. Why Apple can’t at least up the screen size to match Android’s 3Gx is a bad move. I tried out IOS 7 last week and that too is very dissapointing. It seems that the fire of iPhone left with (RIP) Steve Jobs.

  • Andriod

    LOL Apple cant catch up like it did the last two times… Steve Jobs is dead!! Apple is going to be a down hill ride from now on I would think!! xD

  • Morbid_Robot

    Ubuntu Edge FTW!

  • Paulie Neira

    iOS 7 does SUK he is right it’s better to leave it on iOS 6 it’s bad enough apple can’t keep up with iOS 6 apps then they release iOS 7 and the apps aren’t even compatible makes no sense at all , by the time iOS 7 is bug fixed the new iPhone 6 will come out !!

  • Illeg

    Its simple if you have a jailbroken iphone you can basically do everything ios 7 can do they just slapped a new color paint over ios6 and called it new -__-

  • Smith

    Apple fan here but it sucks I agree with Pod2G Apple must wake up. He was with them so long cos they were that good. Now its just not worth paying much more for a device you cant properly use if not Jailbroken. i joined apple at IOS 4 everytime they stated improved battery life it was worse whats the point of having 3g wifi bluetooth if you have to turn it off all the time.


    i am really disappointed with apple since iphone 5, and now iOS 7 and iphone 5s and 5C just made me more disappointed. unfortunately apple having so much fails recently. i think they mostly focus on adding more restrictions instead of adding great features. since iOS 7 totally copied android UI, i prefer to buy an android phone.