Get root access on iPhone 4 running iOS 7 beta without jailbreaking [Video]


Folks at AppAdvice have figured out a way to get root access to an iPhone 4 running iOS 7 beta 1 without jailbreaking the device.

The procedure is fairly long involving quite a few steps and tools. For a detailed guide, click on the source link below or watch the video embedded below:

They seem to be using an external ramdisk exploit for iPhone 4 to gain access to the file system. This isn’t anywhere close to a jailbreak, since that would require patching the kernel to get around code signing and other restrictions, which means there’s no Cydia and the ability to install jailbreak tweaks.

You still can do some pretty cool things with just read write access to the entire filesystem, like modifying plist files, changing app icons, as shown in the video and so on.

Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

Source: AppAdvice

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  • fdghdfjhdgfjh

    If it can be rooted, I’m sure a JB isnt that far off..

    • Bobby

      Why ? the 2 things are completely unrelated.

  • Nikola C

    This is not an iOS 7 exploit, it is the eternal ramdisk exploit for iPhone 4

  • Gimpy

    You can use ifunbox and do the same thing

    • Alan

      Doesn’t seem to be the case as iFunbox doesn’t work with iOS 7 out of the box.

    • dirtyb1t

      That doesn’t give you root access without jailbreak. n00b

  • drumrobot

    “Good news obviously cause this means iOS 7 has a few bugs”
    “Cause”, really? This is a news site, not a chat board.
    I just lost some respect for iPhone Hacks…

  • aerfgafdg

    hey it’s jail brocken ios 6. look at the home screen

    • A


  • hb

    6.1.3? iphone 4?

  • charlie feathers

    HAHA “root access” and FYI that’s not an iPhone 4 it’s actually an iPhone 4S. Come on how could you not know that?!

  • blah

    use iexplorer an get a redeem code on you tube done.