Hack brings Russian subscription TV service UnliMovieTV to Apple TV without jailbreaking


Few weeks back, a clever hack brought Plex, the popular media server to Apple TV without needing a jailbreak.

9to5Mac via Russian blog iGuides.ru reports that a similar hack now brings UnliMovieTV, a Russian subscription TV & movie service to the device without needing a jailbreak.

UnliMovieTV is a subscription service, which allows users to watch a number of Russian television channels. The service is currently in beta, and is available for free until September, after which users will have to buy a monthly subscription.

The hack seems to similar to PlexConnect. It intercepts all requests sent by the Apple TV Trailers app and responds with content from UnliMovie.TV service in the same format as trailers.apple.com so that the app can understand the data. This way, the Trailers app on your Apple TV is tricked into believing that the streaming content from UnliMobieTV are actually trailers, and plays them without any problems.

UnliMovieTV has published a step-by-step guide on how to get UnliMovie.TV on the 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV here.

iGuides.ru via 9to5Mac