New Hacked AT&T Carrier Update adds support for HD Voice


Folks at iTweakOS have released a new hacked carrier update for AT&T.

The new hacked AT&T carrier update includes support for CMAS government and AMBER alerts. It also brings support for users who have installed iOS 7 beta.

Interestingly, the update also adds support for HD Voice (Wideband Audio) for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S users. AT&T had announced plans to add HD Voice support later this year. It is not clear how it adds supports HD Voice for iPhone 4S, as the feature is available only on the iPhone 5.

Wideband Audio or HD Voice extends the frequency range of audio signals transmitted, resulting in  crisper word clarity and more natural sounding speech.

The new carrier update includes the following changes:

  • This hack fixes the reported issue of unstable HSPA+ speeds/signal and iPad users having trouble updating and losing all signal. This hack enables, along with the previous enabled features, HD Voice for all iPhone models running on AT&T so users can now use the UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ network for HD qaulity calling on their 4S and 5. This hack also enables Release 7 HSDPA speeds for the iPhone 4S, giving it a new maximum theoretical downlink of 21Mbps, which AT&T does indeed support. Signal improvements from the previous release have not changed and are still present in this release along with unthrottled LTE and HSPA+. The previous band preferences have been altered this time around but not to prefer bands. It has been reprogrammed to do the following:
  • “Optimize WCDMA” which will deliver the fastest available speeds without hindering the towers and other users on it.
  • “Set LTE near threshold” which will also deliver the fastest available speeds that the LTE towers support.

It comes with the usual disclaimer:

This hack does NOT guarantee that you will see any dramatic changes or any change at all as certain areas are simply limited because of population density, natural features that degrade signal, the traffic on a specific tower, and even the amount of spectrum the tower is limited to as not all LTE towers have been upgraded to 10MHz on the downlink for higher bandwidth support. If you feel this hack has not helped you, we have provided a way back to defaults, if you choose to do so. AT&T is also currently in the process of enabling AMR-WB (AMR 13) which is the codec that enables HD Voice so you may not recieve HD Voice in every area but is set for public release sometime this year. If you are in an area that does not support HD Voice (AMR-WB) then your iPhone will auto default back to the standard CS AMR 5 codec which is voice over 2G.

iTweakOS had previously released hacked carrier updates for on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile USA to increase download speeds.

You can head over to iTweasiOS for the download links and how-to install the hacked carrier update. Please note that while you can install the hacked carrier update even on a non-jailbroken iOS device, the downside is that you will have to restore your device to revert back the changes. Please proceed with caution.

If you successfully install the hacked carrier update, then let us know how it goes in the comments.

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  • Guest

    wheres the link for the carrier update

  • RichardSkyesII

    Just installed on 4s with no issues.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Cool, let us know if you notice any improvements in call quality and download speeds.

      • RichardskyesII

        Several side by side speed tests with an identical 4s without the update said the update sped it up anywhere between 2x and 4x as fast. Call audio I can’t tell much of a difference

  • wolverinemarky

    having issues with the command prompt portion running windows 8 x64 when i type the first part in im getting errors

    • wolverinemarky

      nevermind i didnt even need to redo those steps since i did the last hacked carrier update, which is good because i couldnt figure out how i did it last time

    • Rekm

      You just need to input it as 1 and not 2 individual commands…

  • Ruck1707

    I don’t have a connection now, need help! I’ve reset the network settings multiple times!

    • iPhoneHacks

      Oh sorry to hear that. Suggest getting in touch with the developer of the carrier update on Twitter:

  • filthyjason

    Installed fine on my 4S running 6.1.2 (jb). Can’t say if it helped yet, but everything still works fine

  • Steve A

    Interesting, but Sophos blocks iTweasiOS website claiming it has the following issues: Mal/HTMLGen-A found?

  • Abinesh Adhikari

    i did get Emergency alert for a tornado watch after i installed the update…