Hacker claims he can get signed version of any internal iOS firmware


p0sixninja, iOS Hacker and a member of the Chronic Dev team has made some interesting claims.

He claims that he can “get a copy of any apple internal firmware, aka signed version of ssh of telnet”. While it is not clear how he would manage to get the file, it could have some significant implications for jailbreakers.

Over the last few years, Apple has used a dual strategy of preventing users from jailbreaking their device. It not only releases new iOS software update, which fixes the vulnerabilities used by the jailbreaks, it also stops signing the older iOS firmware file, which prevents users from downgrading back to the older version that can be jailbroken.

So as an example: if you accidentally upgraded to iOS 6.1.4 on your iPhone 5 or iOS 6.1.3 on other iOS devices then there is currently no way to jailbreak your newer iOS devices like the iPhone 5 as iOS 6.1.3 fixes the vulnerabilities used by evasi0n. There is also no way to go back to iOS 6.1.2 and use evasi0n to jailbreak your device as Apple has stopped signing iOS 6.1.2.

If there was a way to get the signed version of the older iOS firmware file then users could downgrade back to an iOS version that can be jailbroken until a jailbreak for the latest version is released. It is quite possible that we have misunderstood his tweets as there are some elements we don’t understand.

It’s not really clear what p0sixninja means by an “apple internal firmware”. It is also not clear what he means by “of ssh of telnet,” but he has published a screenshot of Xcode where Telnet and SSH port on his iPhone running iOS 7 beta with Connect as mobile doesn’t seem standard.


posixninja also claims that he plans to release a lot of amazing things, which is bigger than jailbreak:

It is quite possible that he is just trolling us, but we thought it may be worth covering it for sake of discussion. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we get more details.

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  • CoMet

    I like the sound of that!!!

  • Nikola C

    Maybe he can get the firmware that is used internaly by apple that has ssh and telnet?

  • 1st maybe 2nd?

    NOOOOO. lulz. I’m gonna get it out of him one way or another. ;)

  • StinkyNuts

    They see me trollin’, they hate n

  • Andrew

    Oh my god this would make my life complete.

  • Michael Carter

    I bet he has figured out how to compile his own firmware.

    • John

      With his own code?

  • brittosa

    p0sixninja trolling??!! Naa I don’t thing so! I bet something big is coming. Freedom finally?!

    • Bobby McBobson

      haha yeah!

    • https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/412035973686366208/r14EeLu9.jpeg CPVideoMaker101

      looks like he was just trolling.

      • brittosa

        did you just time travel onto here?!

  • Andrew

    Maybe he’s made his own custom firmware.

  • Krankie882

    Lets hope he can use this to downgrade 2nd gen Apple TV

  • Jay moolah

    Can some 1 say custom iOS fw

  • grv424

    i don’t think p0sixninja is just trolling, he never troll, when he said something he always prove it, like all the previous jailbreaking tools that he gave us all.

  • BMWIIIMPower

    Bootrom exploit??!!

  • re@me.com

    Custom iOS ROM :) … it’s sound good

  • marto

    Any news on p0sixninja’s project?

  • Kabyar

    I wanna get it

  • Smabulack

    wish they had a website that let you download shsh blobs!