Hidden Settings in iOS 7 reveals new gestures, nested folders and more [Video]


Developer Hamza Sood has discovered hidden Settings in iOS 7, which reveals that Apple is testing additional gestures, folder and multitasking options.

The hidden Settings reveals the following features:

  • System wide edge swipe and corner swipe gestures, probably for features such as quick app switching. iOS 7 already comes with new swipe gestures to navigate back to the main menu in some of the stock iOS apps. 


  • Ability to delete pre-installed iOS apps
  • Ability to create nested folders i.e. folder within a folder.
  • Pinch to close folders
  • Options to tweak blur effects, coloring and animated speeds


Check out the video below, which shows how some of these features work:

It remains to be seen if Apple will enable any of these feature when it releases iOS 7 to the public.

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • ffac789

    Animated speeds?! Hell yes! Another jb tweak out of the way! Apple may be just getting started hopefully!

  • Neil young

    Anyone know how to get these settings be quite good too look at???

    • Nic

      How do you do this??? I would also like to know!

      • Mike

        It’s pretty simple …

        • Ryan James Christensen

          Please tell us how to get this

          • snipey36

            People…dont feed trolls

          • Ryan James Christensen

            but it’s true. I’ve found the icons used in the video

          • snipey36

            I know I know, just mean that a guy who says I’ve got it and then leaves is not going to be helpful

        • Nic

          Well? Lol

  • Abel Goddard

    Looks like Activator! Love love love my corner swipes and taps to swap apps or open specific apps or lock the phone. I doubt it will be as encompassing as Activator is, but even half of the capability is a lot.

    I like how granular some the visual controls are, but given that none of these were offered before, it seems too good to be true. I think we might see some of those settings, but not all of them.