A demo of iOS 7’s awesome 3D parallax effect on the home screen

In iOS 6, Apple included metallic sliders that adjusted its reflection when you tilt your phone, and with iOS 7 the company has taken that concept one step further by making the whole home screen sensitive to movement. Now you can look at what’s “behind” your home screen icons when you tilt your iOS device, creating a really awesome 3D parallax effect.

Here’s a video showing the effect:

The positional data is fetched from the wide array of sensors in iOS devices like the gyroscope, accelerometer and the compass. Let’s just hope that this feature doesn’t have too much of an impact on battery life.

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  • Jonah

    It’ll be cool for a week. From what I’ve seen from the new iOS, this is the coolest thing about it. I hate the new design and hate the fact that I have to get used to it.

    • Jonah

      I was wrong, it wasn’t even cool for 30 seconds. I’ve played with the OS for a few hours now and I’m very disappointed. My daughter at 11 loves it though…
      There are many flaws and designer’s no-no’s here, it’s simply to simple to be simple to use.

  • Tom

    Wasn’t there a jailbreak tweak that offered this same effect?

    • goze18

      3d board something like that

      • j4nuS

        installed that before… as Jonah said, it will only be cool for a week… after that you just don’t care…

        • Eugene

          Actually on iPhone 4 it looks ugly, there is no matte glass effect, no parallax effect, everything is quite pale and slow… So technically iOS7 works on iPhone 4 (but a lot of applications crash, like Skype, Navigon, etc) but in reality one needs a 4S or better

          • Nick

            In reality your using beta software.

          • Eugene

            Thank you, Captain Obvious.

            But experience is vastly different to the one when I installed first iOS 6 beta – that felt much more responsive than iOS5 and every application worked just fine. This time around usability of beta is sub-par and the phone feels much slower.

          • Ezequiel Cabrera

            The same Beta software works fine on iPhone 5…

  • mike

    iOS7 looks like a bubble gum nickelodeon Anrdoid OS

    • genXhippie

      Good one.

  • Eugene

    iPhone 4 doesn’t have this effect. Perhaps it is only for 4S+ if not for 5+

    • fresswolf

      What I also noticed on iPhone 4 is that iOS 7 runs super slow!

      • Fedor Roovers

        Don’t update do a restore.

      • JomanJi

        noticed that too

      • Diogo Zampieri

        1. Don’t update, do a restore.
        2. I had it updated first and then restored and after restoring it’s faster.
        3. When I had it only updated it wasn’t always slow, it had its moments of slowlyness tho.
        4. Peace out :)

        • Eugene

          I did restore right away and it was slow. I have reverted back to iOS6 until new beta. Unfortunately I must say iOS6 is easier on my eyes and feels more business-like so I hope there will be some sort of choice of look and feel in iOS7

    • Diogo Zampieri

      I noticed that, but it doesn’t really bother me. I’m actually more concerned it would f*** the battery life.

  • Duston Foster

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  • razielpr

    Pure android copy paste its a miui skin and all the new “features” are all in andeoid ages ago nice try apple for trying to be a android look a like.

    • Ben Moore

      You mad, bro?

      • genXhippie

        Of course, it’s expected. ;p

      • Anthony

        He’s true

    • Diogo Zampieri

      It actually looks a lot more to Win Phone than Android. Stop being a fanboy.

  • MobileGeorge

    Yeah, Apple couldn’t get iOS 7 running on a 4th gen iPod touch, so you have to figure they are just squeaking by on an iPhone 4.

  • http://www.teknofilo.com/ Luis

    here you can see an animated wallpaper for Android which mimics the same 3D effect from iOS 7 on Android phones (a Samsung Galaxy S4)

    • innoc3nt

      Wow! Apple even looks better at copying than Samsung, iOS 7 made that feature even more elegant and a welcoming addition to it’s features. Well I don’t believe Apple getting inspired by other products won’t be an issue to Android users since most of these users are proud of the openness of their platform, and isn’t it Android, specially Samsung devices started by getting inspired by the iPhone.

  • phinedemolish

    all new feature seem pretty good on white iphone,, poor me… I owned the black one

  • MuzlL0dr

    It’s cool for 1.2 seconds. Then it’s annoying and consumes battery life AND fps. The “wide array of sensors” all take power to operate. Odds are the accelerometers are on all the time, but it’s the visual bling that slows things down the most. As it currently stands, iOS 7 is a very beta product – and that’s ok since it was released as such. They just have a long way to go before it’s ready for public consumption.

  • Dan


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003386080045 John doe

    Wow this was been out in the Google play store for a while. just search for 3D tilt wallpaper. Way to innovate Apple.

  • william wipperdink

    pathetically stupid, it’s for people of limited imagination and intelligence. I need 3D animation of icons like I need a dry toilet.
    I don’t see 1 single intelligent reason to like this

  • superbacon64

    Apple doesnt come up with these. It “revolutionizes” already used features, and by making things look “beuatiful”, Apple gets all the credit.
    @disqus_OCVhYCGfSE:disqus, Agreed.