A gallery of all the redesigned apps in iOS 7

Apple today unveiled iOS 7 with an all-new colorful and “flat” design. As a part of this redesign, Apple’s designers revamped the UI of all stock Apple apps, and in this post, we have included a comprehensive image gallery to show you how exactly those apps look.


phone ios 7 app



mail ios 7 redesign


safari ios 7 redesign


music ios 7 app


messages ios 7 app


calendar ios 7 app


photos ios 7 app


weahter ios 7 app


camera ios 7 app


clock ios 7 app


maps ios 7 app


videos ios 7 app


reminders ios 7 app

Game Center:

game center ios 7 app


notes ios 7 app


news stand ios 7 app

iTunes Store:

itunes store ios 7


stocks ios 7 app

App Store:

app sore ios 7


passbook ios 7 app


compass ios 7 app


contacts ios 7 app


calc ios 7 app


facetime ios 7 app


Now that we finally know what iOS 7 looks like, what do you think?

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  • Kiwiholden

    I hate the new look more then I’ve hated anything.
    It’s disappointing really. Hardly any new features, nothing more than what we’ve been asking for for years just a crappy new look

    • Brian

      So u complain because you don’t have what u want and then complain after u get it.

      • Kiwiholden

        When the iPhone was released it was ahead of its time and a huge leap in tech.
        But now they just hold back so they can slow things down and sell as much as they can without using up to many ideas.
        They have amazing things ready but won’t give them to us for years to maximise profit.

      • Kiwiholden

        I’m happy to get what we’ve been asking for but not happy that there is nothing new that joe from the pub could of thought of.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1610479559 Daniel Djønne Lund

          It’s a lot of new things, and every single feature is useful, unlike what Samsung develops. Apple could add a lot of features, and Samsung-kids would still think they didn’t make anything new. Get lost please, we don’t want your silly opinions here.

  • imad


  • C

    damn you Apple :(

  • cAndy

    Its great look. How it will look on black iphone??? I like darker colours not rainbow…

  • dan

    no upgrade for me… I deeply disliked Samsung’s/Android type icons. These are just like that. Unbelievable! My enthusiasm went just like iOS 7…FLAT

  • Guest

    everyone’s hates it now. we’ll get used to it. remember what happened when we first saw iOS6 uhhhhh

    • toker

      I don’t understand your point, iOS6 looks just like iOS3-4-5…

  • Abel Goddard

    I like it, but as always there are the apps I couldn’t care less about. They’ve ALMOST removed my need for jailbreak. I want more apps per screen, scrolling dock, but most importantly after they added the control center, I need a 5 row keyboard!!! How has that been missed so often on iOS wish lists?

    • George Welsted

      I agree, i like the look… its fresh clean and minimalistic, i too am almost without need for JB as the things i use it for mostly are ncsettings and pandora skip hack… other than that not much… and they took care of ncsettings it seems and i dont listen to pandora that much anymore soooo…

  • Helios

    it looks like a combination of windows phone and android, but then again, look and feel is just personal taste. I personally prefer this simpler, brighter and cleaner look of iOS 7

  • Сс

    I hate it. Look what happened with notepad, with siri icon, with dock… Aaaaaaa’nnmm. Hate it hate it, hate!!! Just hate!!!

  • furrever

    I feel sick. I can’t believe my iPhone (and iPad) will look like this in several months.

    • Necter

      U don’t actually need to update. I don’t think apple is foisting it on their users. What I do not understand tho, is the automatic update Cook mentioned. I sure as hell want to control any app updates. For example, if I don’t Iike something abt an update, I just ignore it and not update so as to retain d benefit of the older version app. This is currently the case for me with the “YT Player” app where d newer version update wants to remove the caching feature completely.

  • Sublogic

    Simplicity is key. This bundled with the next generation iPhone processor will be smooth as honey. It’s pretty obvious that they’re just nitpicking from the jailbreak community, but my fear for upgrading has always been losing my jailbreak tweaks such as Intelliscreen and Multifl0w, etc. but it looks like this will be something new and similar at the same time right out of the box for once.

  • britjoe

    it was time for apple to change things up, as for what it looks like its fresh and maybe will make me play on my phone for a while, ive had a iphone for 4 generations and interface was tired, so for me its all good.

  • vic

    look nice and elegant, but i hope there is an option to keep the old look :)

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Altogether pretty nice, I don’t like the Reminders and Camera App icon though. I expected better here. As well, round contact avatars? Hmm, very Facebook like, I preferred the cornered.

    • jonny

      I wonder how it will look if you invert the color on settings ?? anyone chan try that ??

  • phinedemolish

    all new feature seem pretty good on white iphone,, poor me… I owned the black one

  • toker

    I really dislike how the background is white in most apps. White backgrouds are the worst!! I wish they offered a black version of the theme. I don’t want to have to install winterboard to change the theme :(. Anyway, I’ll be staying on jailbroken 6.1.2 until iOS7 has been jailbroken for at least 2 weeks.

  • Yah

    I just want to say,why it haven’t several UI style and input method we can choose.

  • Lyle

    This new IOS 7.0 Apple iPhone download sucks. I hate the white background and it hurts your eyes……………wow what a bunch of educated idiots……..